PushAd: We’re adding triggers and RSS support! [update]

PushAd: We’re adding triggers and RSS support! [update]

In the PushAd client’s panel there are now new functionalities available for users with Premium or higher plans! For your convenience we have added an “Automation” tab which offers new, exciting possibilities!

Most importantly we added the Triggers function, which allows for the definition of a „user behavior – action” pair. Thanks to this it will be easier to set scripted reactions to specific user behavior on the site.

Up till now this functionality required that first a segment was created with a set schedule of time intervals in which notifications were sent out. Now all that’s necessary is that the user visits (or doesn’t visit) a certain subsite – and the right message will be sent out automatically.


The second automation tool for delivering content to users are RSS channels. Now all you need to do is define a link in the system which will deliver updates and an action for handling them. After setting up an RSS feed, notifications will send themselves out.



The above changes comprise version 2.0 of our system. Soon we will update to version 2.1, where chosen groups of users will be given access to conversion statistics / leads and reclaiming abandoned carts.

Don’t have an account on PushAd yet? Registration is free! See how easily you can regain lost carts and attract traffic to your site with intelligent web-push notifications.

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