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Four ways to use push notification advertising in e-commerce

Four ways how to use push notification advertising in e-commerce

Almost 2/3 of consumers complain about excessive volume of information and communications unadjusted to their interests. This is particularly true of a very dynamic and competitive e-commerce industry. Advertising should be fully personalised and user-engaging. Therefore, new and effective technology solutions are developed, one of them being push notification advertising. How to use the application to boost sales?

What is push notification advertising?

Web push notifications (push notification advertising) are a relatively young channel of online marketing. New technologies give an opportunity to communicate in real time, when a user is browsing a website or even when they are no longer on the site. A web push is nothing more than a notification sent via web browser to opted-in users. It is enough to have a potential customer visit our online shop and opt in to receive notifications. Push notification advertising is simply a short message in a small window informing about special offers, individual discounts or new products available. How to effectively use the web push application in e-commerce?

Recovering abandoned carts

Some of the main reasons why customers abandon shopping carts is difficulty making a decision, lack of satisfying payment and delivery methods or shortage of time to complete the transaction. To improve the situation it is sometimes worth making it more convenient for customers. However, when factors responsible for cart abandonment are not related to the very store, but the consumer, introduction of push notification advertising seems to be a good solution. If a potential customer, when placing an order, changed his or her mind or decided to leave it for later, the web push application will remind them to finish the process. Then you can additionally offer them a special discount. You might be surprised by benefits.

Higher sales of selected products

A tremendous 74% of online shoppers claim that they find ads unadjusted to their interests annoying. How can we use this knowledge? The use of relevant tags on the website allows for tracking subpages visited by potential customers. This may be also used for quick segmentation of consumers interested in given products and sending them ads e.g. with a discount voucher. Owing to push notification advertising it is possible not only to reduce marketing campaign costs, but also to improve its effectiveness. Push advertising is a great solution in this case.

Building a subscriber base

Own database of subscribers who have opted in to receive web pushes through push notification advertising allows for engaging and personal communications. It is as simple as that: the more users you have in your subscriber base, the more sales opportunities there are. Push notification advertising is similar to newsletter subscription, but one click is enough to get the lead. What makes users subscribe? Of course the possibility of getting discounts and other special offers. Thanks to push notification advertising they will be able to get them in a very simple way, by clicking relevant web push window.

Increasing website user traffic

Push notification advertising is a successful tool for generating online store traffic. Contrary to mailing campaigns, there is no need to gather personal data, while a user doesn’t have to confirm the will to be informed about products and services. One click is enough, even after leaving an online store, to have a potential customer return to the website or be redirected to a product they are interested in. The number of consumers using smartphones or tablets for online shopping is growing year by year– push notification advertising is also suitable for mobile devices.

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