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Idea for business – PushAd integration with e-commerce platforms

An idea for own business is only the beginning. It seems that breaking through with one’s offer is a hard task in such a competitive market. Not necessarily. The truth is that e-stores that follow most recent trends and invest in modern communication channels have a greater chance to succeed.

Web push is one of applications marked by the highest conversion rate in the media. What is PushAd and how to integrate it with an e-commerce platform?

Profitable idea for business? An online store!

The e-commerce market in Poland is worth PLN 40bn. This is the amount spent by Poles on online purchases in 2017. This is not a temporary trend – on the contrary, it is possible to see an upward tendency. Online retail is not as complicated and costly as it used to be, all this owing to many opportunities offered by modern technologies.
Now we can launch an online store using dedicated, intuitive software, and owing to such logistic models as dropshipping there is no need to invest in goods. This is still a very good idea to run own business, both for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. It’s worth using modern technologies to launch a profitable store and boost sales. Besides such solutions as e-mail marketing, Google Ads, affiliation marketing or marketing automation, web push notifications are one of the most frequently selected communication channels.

How do web push notifications work in e-commerce?

The role currently played by e-mail marketing cannot be overestimated. Newsletter signup forms are almost always a permanent feature of e-store layout. However, it’s worth moving one step forward. PushAd i.e. communications reminding about product availability, pending shopping cart or discounts granted give an average CTR of 21.8%!
A business idea should assume constant engagement of online store users by the tailor-made content. Importantly, communications are sent without the need to obtain e-mail addresses or phone numbers, which gives them major advantage over newsletters. It’s enough that a customer opts in to receive notifications with a single click.

Idea for business – how to use PushAd in an online shop?

A good idea for own business should rely on new, quick and reliable solutions. PushAd gives an opportunity of creating and sending a campaign in less than 5 minutes. As we all know – time is money. In this case, we can also save time to carry out time-consuming customer base segmentation and deal with other business matters.
Research shows that a tremendous 74% of internet users don’t like viewing content that does not meet their preferences. These small PushAd windows, which appear even after leaving the store website, allow for building a base of potential customers, specifying exactly their interests. This is a huge value that is likely to bring tangible benefits.
An idea for business is one thing, but it is only skilful selection of most favourable solutions that can get us closer to success. Perhaps the biggest difficulty of e-commerce is a high level of abandoned carts. Owing to PushAd notifications it is possible to send a call to action, e.g. with a discount voucher, which definitely improves conversion.
Even budding entrepreneurs, who have their ideas for own business, can build a recognisable brand, using innovative e-commerce solutions. Online retail is an equally good choice for those who seek diversification and expansion of their businesses.

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