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Push notifications serving your business

Do you know that an average CTR from delivered messages amounts to more than 21%? Find out how to use push notifications in your business and boost sales.

Web push notifications represent a relatively new online marketing channel which gives a possibility of real-time communication with recipients. It is dedicated not only to large companies, but also those that are just at the very start of their sales activities. How can push notifications help your company? How do they translate into conversion?

How do web push notifications work?

In the first place it is worth answering a question what web push is and how it works. Simply speaking, these are small rectangular windows with messages displayed on a subscriber’s computer or smartphone screen. They allow to communicate with a recipient without a need to obtain their personal data. A user gets a notification in real time, regardless of whether they are on your website at a given moment or not. It is only necessary for them to have an open web browser. Notifications cannot go unspotted, especially when we apply a snappy title, interesting, customised content and eye-catching graphics.

Web push notifications are called the successor of email marketing. The advantage of notifications lies primarily in a shorter way to make a recipient reach interesting content. It is enough for him or her to opt in to subscribers’ base from the web browser level and after having received customised content go to a dedicated website by a single click. When receiving newsletters, a user needs to go to their mailbox, read a message (which is often classified as SPAM), and then click it to move to the target website. What are the other reasons why web push notifications are such an effective form of communication with users?

Effectiveness of web push campaigns

Statistics say it all – web push notifications show a 10 times higher conversion than other sources, with an average CTR from delivered notifications amounting to over 21%, and covering with its reach more than 74% of internet users. Moreover, push notifications give a strong impression of urgency. We do not want to miss a beneficial discount, free delivery or contents adjusted to our needs. The very reaction to a push notification takes just a few seconds.
Push messages are an efficient channel of conversion optimisation on a website or in an e-store. They give a chance of interacting with a user during a purchasing process or automatic reaction to actions in real time.

How to use communications by means of web push notifications?

Web push messages work well when we want to be in contact with recipients and build community around our brand. They are dedicated, among others, to online stores, company websites and bloggers. What roles do online push campaigns play? First of all, sales-related one. Owing to notifications we have a chance to recover abandoned carts, offer dedicated discounts, generate website traffic, as well as make use of cross-selling and up-selling activities. In addition, campaigns with the use of push notifications play an image-related role. We can use notifications to distribute self-help content, educate recipients or inspire them to make use of products purchased. In simple terms – notifications sent will not allow to forget about your brand.

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