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How does mobile push notification work?

Research shows that an average daily time of using applications on a single smartphone was as much as 2 hours. This is a real smartphone revolution, considering also the fact that most of the online traffic comes from mobile. Push notifications additionally allow to increase user engagement, and moreover affect a decision on further use of a given application. How does push mobile work and what benefits does it bring?

Mobile push – a communication-supporting tool

A typical smartphone user has around 40 applications installed. However, when going deeper into statistics, the reality is far from rosy. It turns out that new applications lose a tremendous 90% of users within six months. This most often means that we download an app, take a look at it once or don’t use it at all. Mobile notification, namely short communications displayed on the device screen, help to cope with this marketers’ problem. When a user receives short mobile push notifications, the likelihood of uninstalling the application is 10% lower, while engagement increases by up to 540%! Consequently, mobile push notification gives huge sales opportunities.

What are the types of mobile push notifications?

It is possible to distinguish two basic types of mobile pushes. The first one assumes sending mass notifications to a specified segment or base of potential customers or readers. In turn, the other consists in showing communications to a single user (1-to-1). The mode of action is very simple. First of all, the user opts in to receive mobile push notifications by a single click. Then in response to a given action they receive a short message. This relies on a transaction e-mail rule – e.g. when our potential customer subscribes to a newsletter or confirms an order. What is the secret of mobile notification effectiveness? We can succeed by suitably merging these two types of notifications. Then the user will have an impression that the given content is targeted at them and meets their specific expectations.

Simple mobile push segmentation

Mobile push notifications are a perfect solution when we want to send some customised content to a recipient. The truth is that engaged users need to be treated in a different way than persons who rarely use a given app. Sending a considerable amount of mobile push notifications to a beginner is a serious mistake. It is good to let them take their time and get to know the application. Then we can check their responses, contents they like or those that they don’t respond to. When we analyse other apps that have been installed by the user, we can precisely determine their interests. To give an example, it is easy to segment recipients using apps related to health, nutrition and sports. The more accurate the offer is, the higher conversion can be expected. Context is crucial in this case – we can deduce a lot based on user interests and history of user behaviours.

Geomarketing with mobile push notification

Mobile push notifications also work perfectly for brick-and-mortar stores and service points. Geomarketing has a great potential, since as many as 94% of users search for location-related information on their smartphones. This may be the closest restaurant, shoemaker, xerox copy store and many more. However, it should be remembered to make the content short, engaging and corresponding to specific needs of the addressee. There’s nothing worse than useless communications that can only get the consumer annoyed.

Android offers two methods of sending push notifications – from the app or from the browser installed on Android devices. It is web push communications sent to users of Chrome and Firefox browsers that are offered by PushAd.

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