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Push notifications in Android apps

An average smartphone user devotes around 2 hours to browsing applications. We can still see an upward trend in this respect – not only does the time become longer, but also the user downloads ever more apps. However, we should bear in mind that they often forget about them or delete them shortly after installing. One of the solutions to this problem is push notification (Android).

What are push notifications – Android?

Push notifications are short messages displayed on a smartphone screen. Their task is to engage recipients. They can refer to new offerings, discounts in an online store or special offers. They are very often used to notify readers about new entries on a blog. A precondition for receiving communications is user’s consent – by a single recipient’s click we can build a specified base. Push notifications (Android) have a considerable advantage over newsletters, since there is no need to confirm being added to the list of subscribers.

Push messages (Android) also help recover abandoned carts and improve application traffic. Although these are one-side communications, they build permanent relations with users. The only condition is to create tailor-made content for a given segment of users. What are the other benefits offered by push notifications? Android is a very popular operating system. It allows for downloading most applications; however, statistically 90% of them are deleted by users within six months. Short push messages (Android) are aimed at retaining the recipient. Nonetheless, they should be concise and customised.

Communication-supporting tool

Push notifications (Android) have already made a stir among marketers for some time. Does it mean that they are going to displace other communication channels, such as email and texts, in the immediate future? Absolutely no!

Push notifications are undoubtedly perfect communication supplementation. Android is the most popular operating system in the world – within browsers it is possible to send communications that help achieve sales targets and image goals. We can lead to the synergy effect, skilfully implementing texts, e-mail marketing and push messages.

Android is installed on 88% of smartphones. It offers many free apps, which additionally encourages users to download them. However, it is possible to notice that users download applications and after having taken a quick look, immediately delete them. What is the reason for this? Recipients keep on searching not only for ideal solutions tailored to their needs, but also… encouragement to retain them. Push messages are one of the possibilities to retain users. Android also has other advantages, it is primarily very accessible to a variety of recipients.

Push notifications – Android

Year on year the interest in mobile apps has been increasing, which simultaneously gives an opportunity to adjust Android push notifications (the so-called application pushes) to the needs of every user. Considering the fact that the most popular Google Play categories are music and entertainment, we can precisely adapt a message to each segment.

Owing to tracking downloads history it will be easy to set the target – a person who downloads mobile apps related to health, will be more interested in sports than e.g. finances. This provides a huge range of possibilities for brands sending push notifications.

Android offers two ways of sending communications – from the app or from the browser installed on Android devices. The latter is offered by PushAd handling notifications in mobile Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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