What are Push Notifications?

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are instantaneously sent notices to a gathered group of subscribers, who have previously given consent. A notification is comprised of a title, text and an image. By itself it is also a link, meaning it sends the user to a previously set URL address when he or she clicks on it.

The topic of the message can be anything, it could be about a promotion in your shop, the newest blog post or news from the business world. It is up to us how and what exactly we want to communicate to our users. The magic of push notifications comes from the fact that each subscriber does not have to be present on our site in order to receive messages from us. All that’s needed is that the browser itself is open, from which the subscription was made, for it to appear in the bottom-right corner. Even if the browser is closed at the time of dispatch, the notification will be displayed as soon as it is opened again.

What are the possibilities?

When it comes to being a true newsletter successor, push notifications have got you covered on every aspect:

  • There is no need to collect user’s personal information
  • They are displayed instantaneously, without the need to open each message
  • Their dispatch can be set for specific target groups
  • Higher CTR
  • Set expiration date for notifications


Users find it easier to consent to receiving notifications, they do not need to provide their email address, thanks to this the opt-in is also much higher than in traditional newsletters.

What’s more, thanks to the direct nature of notifications, it is easier to compare statistics of singular dispatches. This allows us to precisely trackthe effectiveness of our ad copies and makes it easier to improve our client communications.


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