Do notifications on mobile devices lead to conversion?

Do notifications on mobile devices lead to conversion?

Do you have a mobile website? Don’t you know how to increase conversion? Find out how to easily achieve your goals and boost sales.

Statistically 58% of online buyers make their purchases using a smartphone. This is not a temporary trend, since mobile devices are increasing their share in the e-commerce market year-on-year. Currently we are witnessing a reverse ROPO effect – consumers view products in brick and mortar stores and then compare prices in e-stores to complete a transaction. This gives a huge opportunity to sellers who should go with the flow and attract consumers using modern forms of communication.

Basic rules

A crucial aspect of effective campaign with the use of web notifications is relevant segmentation of subscribers’ base. This allows for generating more precise messages and achieve better conversion rates. The power of customisation has been used in email marketing for a long time – the same rules should be applied in the case of mobile notification. Relying on activities is one of possible scenarios that are worth implementing. For example, if we want to recover traffic, we can set a trigger that will initiate sending web push notifications to users that have not entered a website for 2 days, for example. Obviously, scenarios depend on the campaign target.
Web push notification also requires a relevant approach and maximum use of communication components. A decision to click a notification is widely determined by a concise and catchy title, encouraging content and graphics that will draw recipient’s attention.

Micro interactions – time matters

A smartphone is one of the most personal devices, used up to 150 times a day! Micro interactions, also known as micro moments, are moments when we take a phone to satisfy a given need, seek advice or perform a task. One of examples of micro e-commerce interactions is willingness to find information on an item or service that we are interested in. The moment can last a few seconds or a couple of minutes. Micro interactions can be used when creating push mobile notification campaigns. Let’s imagine that a potential customer is browsing for shoes in our e-store, but they are too expensive and he or she is leaving the website. A few hours later they can receive a notification with a discount on an interesting product. This increases probability that they will finalise the transaction. According to statistics, 29% of internet users are involved in impulse buying, while merely 3% make some purchases during their first visit in an e-store. To increase conversion, it is worth to offer simply extra benefits to a potential customer or make an impression of a unique offer available only “here and now”. Discounts and playing with the price are not always a good way to achieve sales.

Notifications in practice

By the same logic, when sending web push to mobile devices, we can accelerate the time of reading the message. In the event of email marketing campaign, a recipient needs to go through several stages – open an email box, click a message, enter a dedicated e-store and become acquainted with the offering. Push mobile notification significantly helps to affect a sales increase. If offers up to 10 times higher conversion than other sources!


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Do notifications on mobile devices lead to conversion?
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