What do web push notifications offer a user?

What do web push notifications offer a user?

Do you know that web push notifications give a 10 times higher conversion compared with other sources? Find out how to increase sales and promote your website content!

Everyone knows what benefits email marketing brings; however, there is a significant competitor ahead of mailings, namely push notifications giving a user even more profits. It allows not only for more precise response to consumer needs, but also for increasing sales, website traffic and supporting content marketing activities. What other benefits does implementation of web push notifications bring?

Rescuing abandoned shopping carts by means of web push notifications

A shopping cart abandonment rate is now approx. 70%. This means wasted potential of many conversions that could take place. Obviously, we have no control over some distractors that make it impossible to finish a potential customer’s transaction, e.g. a phone conversation or meeting. In such a case the purchase is postponed and eventually the user forgets about planned shopping. Web push notifications are aimed at refocusing consumer attention and reminding them to complete an order. A very good incentive in this case is offering a discount or sending an intriguing notification, e.g. “Guess you’ve forgotten about something.”

Segmentation vs boosting sales

A user has a possibility to track pages browsed by a subscriber thanks to applying dedicated tags. For example, a recipient who has never purchased anything and doesn’t have a tag “bought” can receive a message about a discount for a product viewed or free delivery. A simple and automatic segmentation will make it possible not only to increase campaign effectiveness, but also to reduce its costs. Web push notifications give a chance to create many scenarios. If a consumer has left a website and hasn’t seen a thank you page, they can be tagged as “abandoning”. Owing to a web push notifications platform, a user is able to monitor which page the visit ended on.

Cross-selling owing to web push notifications

Cross-selling is a marketing strategy aimed at profit maximisation during a single transaction. Simply speaking, we can encourage a customer to purchase an extra, supplementary product, increasing the cart value. Web push notifications effectively support the cross-selling strategy. It is possible that a recipient is close to completing a transaction, but has left an e-store. What sort of short notifications can encourage them to buy? For instance, offering a discount on complementary products – a belt along with trousers or bracelet along with a watch.

Effective content marketing

We can focus subscriber’s attention on interesting website content not only through newsletters. Customer education and lead nurturing will support web push notifications which can be used to create entire communication cycles. This is a perfect occasion to share content adjusted to recipients’ interests and build a positive brand image. Guidelines or valuable reports help to quickly “move” subscribers downward the sales funnel, inducing them to buy something later. And what isn’t worth doing? Primarily it’s not advisable to flood recipients with notifications, which may have a reverse effect. Campaigns using web push notifications give immense opportunities to support marketing actions. We only need to remember about adjusting content to a given subscriber, a relevant time of sending messages, encouraging Call To Action and obviously being driven by statistics.


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