Where to begin a push notification journey?

Where to begin a push notification journey?

Do you want to increase conversion rates for your marketing activities? Do you wonder if it’s worth implementing push notifications? Find out how popular foreign push notification networks work and how to use them in marketing campaigns.

Push notification network – notifications to support marketing activities

Popular foreign campaigns relying on push notification network are simply notifications in the form of small windows displayed on a website while users are viewing it. They have dynamically entered the Polish market, contributing to execution of sales targets and customer service support.
How do they work? After a user enters a given website, they see a displayed window asking for opting in to receive push notifications. When they agree to have such messages displayed, they are registered in the subscribers’ base and start receiving information tailored to their preferences – special offers, discounts or interesting articles. Every single notification in the push notification network browser includes fixed elements, i.e. a title, graphics, short and engaging content, as well as website link. How to start a web push adventure and why is it worth it?

Analysis of to-date campaigns

Before we decide to create a campaign with the use of push notification network it’s worth analysing the effectiveness of currently used marketing tools.
Newsletters are the best example, as they are nowadays still used by many companies. However, it is possible to see a trend of giving them up in favour of more modern forms of communication. In the case of newsletters, an average CTR is around 4%, while an open rate stands at approx. 16%. Currently enterprises start to forego newsletters and move towards modern forms of communication, such as web push. In this case, an average CTR for delivered messages is almost 22%! It is clearly visible that the difference is very big.
It is good to know that abroad, particularly in the United States, push notification network is an extremely popular tool – tens of millions of notifications are sent on a daily basis there! Web push is a perfect supplementation of newsletters, sometimes even replacing this communication channel. This is the case of the Sport.pl website which has informed its subscribers of termination of issuing newsletters. The editorial staff emphasise that they use more dynamic channels to communicate with recipients than email newsletters.

Select relevant addressees of push notifications

Push notifications are aimed at establishing relations with users – they affect the process of transforming them into loyal customers. Every marketing campaign should take care of customer segmentation – the same is true for push notification network. Having a subscribers’ base is not enough. Every user may have different preferences regarding delivered content or recommended products.
Before we decide to create push notification network on a regular basis, subscribers need to be segmented depending on the campaign target. As regards educational content it’s worth analysing what articles the user has read before and send similar thematic content. Segmentation of recipients is one of the most important elements allowing for efficient push notification network campaign.

Prepare engaging content

In order to quickly direct a subscriber down the sales funnel and increase conversion, it’s worth thinking about content displayed to the user. First of all, one should remember to be concise and exact, conveying only the most crucial information. Obviously, graphics perfectly supplements the content – images are processed up to 60 thousand times faster than text!


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