Push messages – how to prepare them?

Push messages – how to prepare them?

In times of huge competition among companies offering their services online it is advisable to use modern marketing tools. Push notifications are an ideal support of sales activities, as they give an opportunity to maintain contact with potential customers. What makes push notifications stand out and how to create them?

What features do they show?

Push messages are a rapid and efficient form of real-time communication with recipients. Even after having left a website, users receive notifications aimed at encouraging them to return to the online store or webpage. Owing to these messages potential consumers or readers won’t miss any important information or customised offer.
Push notifications are one of the most popular forms of communication among marketers. An average CTR amounts to as much as 21.8%, gaining a considerable advantage over newsletters.
Importantly, web push makes it possible to send notifications without gathering email addresses or phone numbers. One click is enough to have a potential client registered in subscribers’ base. Possibility of merging recipients by the same preferences and interests is an undisputable asset. More than 29% of consumers buying online make impulse purchases.
Push notifications give a chance to rescue shopping carts – with as much as 6.1% ending with a placed order!

Crucial elements that will draw attention

The power of notification effectiveness is a short, engaging message with a store’s or website’s offering. What do push notifications comprise? Most often this is a title, short message and square graphics. Each notification can redirect a recipient to any landing page or website with customised offer. Push notifications, unlike advertising banners on webpages, are not an aggressive advertising form. They inform about the offer subject in a concise and simple way.
Users don’t want to read long ads – excessive information on the web usually makes us only scan the content. Moreover, push communications give an impression of the offer time coming to an end. Nothing influences the need to click a link more than the feeling of losing or missing a good deal. It’s worth to mention that in push notifications promotions are time-limited or the number of participants is limited.

What benefits do push notifications bring and how to create them?

Push notifications are displayed on a computer or mobile device screen while using a browser. They are compatible with the most popular browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and with Android on mobile devices. These rectangular windows appear in the right bottom corner of the screen or right upper corner on Apple devices.
There’s no need to use assistance of software engineer to prepare push messages – this is an extremely simple tool which gives immense opportunities to every company willing to maintain contact with potential clients. Owing to web push it is possible to create engaging banners, distinguish subscribers having similar interests, send notifications, as well as analyse statistics and efficiency. Push notification configuration is very simple and allows for content editing, changing graphics, target address and preview in all formats.


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