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New forms of online advertising

In order to avoid irritation of users by high-pressure forms of advertising, marketers keep on developing new methods of communication and increasing sales. What matters in this case is creativity, concise message as well as interesting content desirable by recipients. Push ad, inbound marketing, and marketing automation are just a few examples of such activities.

Push advertisement

Newsletters have been a successful form of communication with users for a long time. Recently, a significant competitor has appeared on the horizon, the one that gives much better results. It is obviously web push, namely short communications displayed in a corner of a computer or mobile device screen.
Why does push ad give higher CTR? One visit on the website and user’s consent to be added to subscribers’ list are enough to become a loyal customer. Push advertising reaches recipients even after they have left the site. Contrary to other popular forms of advertising, Adblock resistance is a considerable asset of web push. Moreover, web push doesn’t use cookies and doesn’t require registering at Personal Data Protection Office or gathering email addresses.

Content marketing

Marketers keep on repeating that “content is the king” for a reason. This is one of opportunities being a very crucial element of marketing strategy. In this case users are not attacked with non-customised content, but search for interesting and useful information in a form of article, graphics or video on their own. Preparation of interesting guidance, educational or expert materials makes recipients perceive the brand as reliable and inspiring.
It is good to know that the aforementioned push ad is a perfect complement of content marketing strategy, since it encourages user to visit the website with valuable content again.

Native advertising

Currently we are dealing with the so-called banner blindness which leads to automatic closing of invasive ads unadjusted to recipients’ needs. Bearing the trend in mind, marketers have developed a non-invasive form of communication with users.
Native advertising is aimed at making the addressee interested in the presented offer, giving the impression of independent decision. A very good example is “the Oscar selfie”, i.e. seemingly spontaneous photo taken by world cinema stars with a new smartphone model.

Marketing automation

The aim of marketing automation is to gather transaction and behavioural data regarding customers. Similar to push advertising it allows for showing offers perfectly tailored to recipients’ interests.
Marketing automation does not only permit to manage the segmented base, but also increase effectiveness in such domains as content marketing, email marketing, advertising in RTB networks or social media. The marketing automation class system examines the effects of individual marketing campaigns and operation of automation rules. Owing to the above it is possible to successfully optimize operational costs.

Influencer marketing

When analysing new advertising forms, one cannot forget about influencers’ impact on shaping purchasing decisions owing to opinions of famous and influential people. Celebrities, bloggers or vloggers are recognised as persons who create content for their fans, not brands. A positive influencer’s opinion on a given product or service is transmitted by the very recipients. And we all know that the power of recommendation is a factor affecting consumer decisions.

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