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How to increase sales with new conversion channels?

How to increase the conversion and company’s profits? Find out new communication channels that will effectively increase sales in an online store.

Conversion rate is a key concept that largely affects the success and effectiveness of an online shop. Constant testing and implementation of improved solutions are a key to success in e-commerce. How to boost sales and increase conversion?

What is conversion and conversion rate?

In online marketing, conversion refers to the goals achieved through online stores. These may include:

  • making a purchase by a customer,
  • subscribing to a newsletter,
  • filling in a form,
  • registering a new account,
  • number of subpages viewed during a visit.

A conversion target should be clearly defined: for example, making a purchase for at least PLN 200. The conversion rate reflects online store effectiveness – the percentage of users who have achieved a given goal. It is calculated using the following formula:

Conversion rate = (number of actions performed that are desired on the website / number of unique visits on the site) x 100%

When providing online sales, it is extremely important to optimise the conversion rate and maximise the chances that a user will take the desired action. A high conversion rate means greater online store success and demonstrates the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. How to improve the conversion rate?

User experience – website usability analysis

User experience is the entire experience of users when visiting an online store. It includes a broad range of feelings, for example, ease of using the site, convenience or satisfaction with shopping. User experience has a direct impact on the most important performance indicators, i.e. conversion rate, average order value, retention period and shopping frequency. Satisfied customers who are ready to recommend a given online store are more likely to return to it to make further purchases. In other words, by building positive customer experiences, you can ensure greater loyalty to your business.

How to improve user experience when offering online sales? First of all, it is worth optimising the entire sales path and ensuring sales and after-sales service. Website users should be able to move smoothly from one tab to another, while having minimum distractions.

It is worth remembering that customers love all kinds of sales or promotions, so they should be notified of additional benefits, for instance by means of push advertising and newsletters. Equally important aspects include reviews collected directly from customers, improving the website speed, creating effective CTAs, ensuring intuitiveness in the navigation panel and search feature, as well as simplifying the order form.

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