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Analysis of e-commerce data using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a huge source of knowledge of user behaviour. Available reports show, among others, which products sell best, the impact of discount codes on sales, at what stage of the shopping path users leave a store or what form of product list presentation is the most effective.

By analysing data using Google Analytics, we can solve basic problems and implement changes that will have a direct impact on higher conversion rate, more effective marketing activities or higher average cart value.

When offering online sales, the Google Analytics e-commerce module is a key section to analyse the effectiveness of an online store, including individual products or categories. Thanks to careful analysis, we will be able to make better decisions about which products to promote, what categories are worth developing, and which pages in the online store contribute to the site abandonment.

Customer activation

Every customer needs a reason to visit an online store, hence most of them should be regularly reminded of. And thus, encourage to use their offer again. There are many possibilities to do so, such as:

  • remarketing,
  • push advertising,
  • newsletters,
  • price promotions.

One should remember that recipients are most likely to engage in interaction with content that directly responds to their needs and expectations. This is how we can improve the conversion rate and acquire loyal customers.

One of the tools offering the highest conversion in the media is push advertising – an average CTR from delivered push messages amounts to almost 20%. Owing to notifications, we can not only inform about sales, discounts or promotions, but also share content being of interest to users.

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