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Drip marketing – what is it?

Drip marketing is an extremely effective way to reach the target group, performed in an automated way. How to create an effective campaign to get even closer to a recipient?

Drip marketing is a relatively rare topic in the domestic advertising industry. It’s a pity, because it turns out to be a very effective way to reach potential and existing customers. Drip campaigns can be a metaphor for rain falling evenly and in small drops. They are unnoticeable, but rainfall can become a bit stronger and it is impossible to miss it. What does this concept really mean in the world of marketing and how to create a campaign that will echo in the online space?

User profiling and targeted messages

Drip marketing is about automating marketing activities to maintain customer-brand relationships. Simply put, these are messages sent to users after they have performed a specific action. Notifications must be delivered according to the scenario of a specific target audience meeting the requirements (e.g. downloading an e-book). In the case of the PushAd tool, it is the “communication plan” service – campaigns rely on behavioural targeting, which provides the basis for profiling potential and existing clients, and then customising messages.

By knowing how specific recipients respond to notifications, you can send targeted content to them. However, it is worth considering that the user’s needs may change; therefore, it is necessary to constantly analyse behaviours and refine the campaign. Database marketing allows to better understand the needs of recipients and respond to their expectations. Database marketing also enables to create predictive models to forecast customer behaviours and determine the likelihood of making a purchase, for example.

Ever better relationships with customers

Obviously the most effective will be the campaigns targeted at a specific segment of users. They must be divided according to action carried out on the website and specific demographic characteristics. Owing to the above, it is possible to create customised messages and establish even better relationships, which can contribute to expanding the group of loyal customers.

Why else is segmentation so important? It allows for better responding to specific needs and expectations of the target group. Messages must be based on user activity within a website or application. It is worth using push notifications or emails to send a welcome message, invitation to benefit from discounts, information on collection sales, thank for making a purchase, educational content tailored to recipients, or information about unfinished shopping in an online store. There are lots of situations where you can communicate with a user as part of drip marketing, and everything obviously depends on the adopted marketing strategy. One thing is certain – proper customer relationship management at all stages of the purchasing path brings us closer to achieving the main goal of the campaign, i.e. increasing sales.

Drip marketing vs push notifications

Direct marketing combines both advertising and sales components. It is extremely important to customise the message based on detailed user data, for example, demographics, interests, or location.

The more accurate the analysis of the information gathered, the greater chance for success of marketing activities. Next, one should plan a manner of communicating with recipients, i.e. choose the right call to action, concise content, and attractive slogan. In addition, one should develop a message sending scenario and decide how often users will be contacted. It is worth looking at this matter from a subscriber’s perspective and think about when during the day they have most time to browse offers or make a purchase or whether additional benefits will encourage the user to finalise the transaction.

The PushAd tool allows to plan many scenarios and adjust communication to specific segments. Email marketing can perfectly complement a campaign, but it’s worth knowing that push notifications have one basic advantage – they can’t go unnoticed. The user does not need to open an inbox or even browse the website that uses push messages.

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