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Real Time Marketing with the use of push notifications – how to do it? And how NOT to do it?

Real Time Marketing is full of possibilities, but one should know how to plan a campaign properly, so that it triggers the desired response. What should good RTM have?

Creativity, reaction speed and knowledge of current trends are the three main characteristics of Real Time Marketing. It relies on situational humour, referring to current world events. In this case, it is a good idea, refined graphics, and catchy slogans that matter. Push notifications are one of the most effective tools that allow for immediate reaction in real time. How to properly plan and run a campaign, and what to avoid?

What should RTM have?

Real Time Marketing is sort of shots of topics that are currently hot. They must be clear because otherwise they will go unnoticed. Good RTM gives you a great chance for a viral effect. The most important aspect is the speed of reaction to current world events – the more we linger, the less likely it is to evoke positive response among internet users. They can simply be bored if marketing actions are excessively extended in time.

A properly prepared campaign must be well-aimed. This means that unless a given brand fits well in the current trends, it can only cause disgust. There is nothing worse than telling jokes by force. Marketers should be open-minded and vigilant in order to be able to properly react to current events immediately. Of course, funny content must refer to the product and present it in a good light. Despite appearances, the campaign can be prepared in advance, referring to future events, such as festivals or elections. It is worth preparing several scenarios then. What tools allow for distributing content in real time?

Real Time Marketing vs push notifications

In addition to social media publications, the use of push notifications is a perfect choice. Why is that? First of all, the campaign can be created efficiently in real time, increasing the audience engagement. A considerable advantage of push notifications is instant delivery and possibility to read the content on a mobile device or from a browser. It cannot go unnoticed! Clear graphics and a short, intriguing message are of course the key to success.

Viral marketing generates relatively low costs. Internet users are in some ways responsible for brand promotion, sharing content through many communication channels. RTM is considered one of fairly difficult marketing tools. It provides a great chance to show wit and brilliance. However, it should be kept in mind that it is better to avoid some topics, for example those related to politics or history. Of course, the brand could get the free publicity and appear in the media, but not in the way it expects. Certain topics can evoke negative emotions in some Internet users, and thus affect the brand perception (negative brand equity).

Socially sensitive topics how to plan a campaign properly?

One of more sensitive topics is the global coronavirus epidemic. It has forced advertisers to change their marketing strategies. For example, KFC suspended its campaign called “Finger Lickin’ Good”, which seems unfortunate in the face of the pandemic. Can we afford a daring campaign while facing the threat? Of course we can, as long as it focuses on promoting good practices and educational topics aimed at not spreading panic and minimising the risk of COVID-19 infection.

The quarantine-related action under the #stayhome (or Polish #zostańwdomu) hashtag is promoted by almost all brands and institutions actively operating in digital marketing. Services such as guarantee having taken security measures, i.e. non-contact delivery. Allegro emphasises that staying at home is Smart! and offers all platform users its Allegro Smart! service free of charge for a month. Such actions derive not only from taking care of our health and safety, but also from good PR which affects the brand perception. Positive emotions and actions to ease the atmosphere are also provided by the Polish Police which jokingly appealed to persons responsible for criminal activities. The message “All cops are beautiful” accompanied by a drawing prepared by a 7-year-old girl is a hit!

Crisis management in the world of marketing is an extremely difficult challenge. We live in a new reality that forces brands to adopt, among other things, a new approach to campaign planning.

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