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How do push notifications work?

Web push notification ads are a relatively new form of communication with customers. These short messages are displayed to users when using the web browser, achieving a click-through rate of over 20%! How do push notifications work?

Consent to receive web push notification ads

As with other online notifications, web push notification ads require user’s consent to receive them. They allow for building a subscriber base relatively easily – according to PushAd statistics, 12% of users subscribe to the list. The high number of subscribers is connected, among others, with the fact that users opting in to receive messages do not provide their data, not even their email address. Two clicks are enough to be able to send to a potential customer a web push notification ad considered less invasive compared to even a newsletter.

Web push notification ads – operating principles

Push notifications can be sent to subscribers without any restrictions. The user does not even need to be on the website, because after closing it they can still receive notifications. Push notification ads work with all popular web browsers used on personal computers. They are most often displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen in the form of windows with a concise message and a small photo. Clicking on the window will direct the user to the appropriate page. Push notifications work well not only in sales activities, but also in customer satisfaction surveys.

Handling notification ads

Handling notifications is very simple. In the PushAd panel, the appearance of web push notification ads is set by means of a transparent wizard. We verify on an ongoing basis what push notifications will look like in particular browsers supporting notifications. With the help of the wizard, we also equip notification ads with a destination address with the option of embedding tracking codes and entering UTM codes. Then we indicate the date and time of sending web push notification ads. Notification repetition and cyclical distribution are also possible. We can also automatically send notifications to subscribers abandoning a shopping cart in an online store, reminding them of the unfinished order.

Push notifications are the more effective, the more meticulously we monitor their effectiveness. A good tool that supports push notifications gives a lot of possibilities in this respect. All necessary data on subscribers and click-through rates can be conveniently viewed on transparent charts. Data describing push notifications and their effectiveness can be exported as a csv file. Owing to a big data analysis, we find out which push notifications have proved to be the most effective and what time it is best to send messages to subscribers.