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Web push and independent advertising networks, or how not to be digitally naive in the age of digitally native customers

Consumers from the digital-native generation are a very demanding target group. How to convince a recipient to your brand and remain authentic?

Currently, consumers are constantly being flooded with messages from more and more brands. Relationships between a brand and a recipient differ significantly from those seen a few or dozen years ago. This is why it is so important to refine the appropriate strategy using modern tools and communication channels. Consumers are not naive; on the contrary, they are becoming increasingly aware and demanding. How to communicate your online presence and get potential customers interested?

Web communication vs brand perception

Currently, customer relationships are largely focused on digital channels. In addition to customised messages, recipients expect contact here and now. Increasingly often, we can see a sort of consumer cynicism and even a depreciation of brand value. Except from showing the offer, companies must respond to real customer needs and inspire their trust. Not surprisingly, the phenomenon of banner blindness has appeared in the world of online advertising. Recipients automatically ignore uninteresting ads not tailored to their needs and interests.

The phenomenon of banner blindness arose from appearance of an increasing number of banners displayed in an uncontrolled manner, which simultaneously led to growing popularity of AdBlock. To obtain satisfactory sales results and not to flood consumers with worthless messages, an independent advertising network should be based on messages tailored to website content and users’ interests. Banner blindness refers primarily to intrusive graphic ads, and to a lesser extent to contextually targeted video ads. An independent advertising network can offer more engaging messages and formats, e.g. in-stream video or rich media.

The use of broad advertising networks by advertisers has an additional impact on expansion of the banner blindness phenomenon. In this case, intrusive ads reach the user everywhere in the online space. The answer to this problem may be independent advertising networks specialised in a specific niche or presenting advertising content in a way differing from the largest networks.

In the world of online marketing, high-quality content and communications have always been appreciated. Well-managed content marketing allows to gather the community around the brand, and also helps to engage and build relationships with potential customers. Content marketing responds to the needs of Internet users – it has nothing to do with intrusive advertising.

Web push notifications tailored to recipients’ preferences

Online users learn faster and faster how the digital marketing machine works. They know what clickbait, trolling or often unethical advertising content based on whisper marketing is. So how to attract the recipient’s attention so that they feel well cared for and satisfied? First of all, it is worth introducing to the marketing strategy new channels of communication with users that provide exactly the content a user expects.

One of the tools of such a strategy is web push notifications relying on the principle of permission marketing, so we can be sure that we only communicate with recipients who have agreed to it. Web push helps build attachment and loyalty towards a company. In order to join the subscriber base, recipients do not need to provide personal data, and are also aware that they may opt out of receiving notifications at any time. Web push as a communication channel provides content consistent with subscribers’ interests based on assigned tags.

By creating complete behavioural profiles, you can use the data to customise marketing messages in all the channels, including web push notifications, email marketing, social media, or an independent advertising network. The proper use of digital channels allows not only for making the audience interested, but also building loyalty and engagement.

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