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Tourist apps – how to be online on holiday?

Tourist applications can help in complex journey planning. Internet access is all you need to be always up to date!

A smartphone equipped with suitable software definitely makes travelling easier, allowing to quickly find a hotel, restaurant, plan entertainment or simply move around a given region. It is enough to have access to wi-fi to follow interesting information on a current basis. Perhaps everyone feels safer having a mobile in their hand.

Plan your trip

No matter if we are planning a trip around Poland or holidays abroad on our own, weather seems to be an important issue. What clothes we are going to pack to our suitcase depends on it. Some applications, such as AccuWeather, allow to check weather well in advance, and additionally to obtain information on the humidity, pressure or wind strength. Regardless of whether we are going to travel independently around the world or we are going on holiday with a tour operator, it’s worth knowing as much as possible about the region we are going to visit, its culture, residents or must-see places. Dedicated websites and applications will surely help us with that.
What we may definitely find helpful is map applications, such as Google Maps or MAPS.ME which are also available offline. It’s worth remembering to download a given map before a journey and test it. A very useful application during all foreign trips is Google Translate which makes it possible to translate the text also from photos and when we have no internet access.
One should not forget about safety matters. iPolak is a very valuable application prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It will show us safety evaluation of a given country, provide us with information regarding political situation and possible threats, guide us to the closest embassy. When planning a trip, it is also worth downloading a first aid app, owing to which we will know what actions to take when one’s health or life is in danger, how to call help and give our location details.

Be always up to date

Are you going on holiday with a travel agent? This is a very comfortable solution providing us with a thoroughly planned trip. Travel agents are usually flexible and open to client’s suggestions, but they also offer trips of various tour operators. After buying a trip it is good to be in touch with your tour operator, and if we use modern solutions, we will get push notifications regarding possible modifications of our holiday plans, such as e.g. changed departure time, delays, etc.

Receive push notifications from travel websites

Travel blogs or websites are a mine of information on various world destinations. This is a perfect source of information, owing to which one can find lots of trivia and pieces of advice. Moreover, we often need inspiration from articles, films or coverages devoted to trips. Sometimes bloggers specialise in a specific topic. It’s worth finding out whether they offer a possibility of sending push notifications. Owing to them we will have a chance to follow new blog entries on a current basis from our smartphone. It is enough to opt in to receive push messages on a given website, to join a subscribers’ base. We do not even have to open the blog site to have push notifications delivered when we are on holiday and have them help us plan the next lazy day.

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