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Mobile marketing – what is it?

Mobile marketing is not the future, it is the present! Check the most effective marketing tools and create modern campaigns.

New communication technologies have quickly spread to everyday life, taking root in consumers’ daily routine. This is why they are so eagerly used for marketing purposes. Mobile marketing does not involve only text messages, it appears in more and more innovative forms.

What is characteristic of mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is aimed at developing relations with users of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Owing to them we can reach increasingly broad group of recipients anytime and anywhere. Mobile marketing creates a consumer’s belief in brand openness to new technologies. Efficient building of the base of potential clients and analysis of their actions is a key to successful marketing campaign. An undeniable advantage of mobile marketing is reaching a large number of recipients at a relatively low cost. What are the most popular mobile marketing tools? What to take into consideration when planning a marketing strategy?

Mobile marketing – key tools

Mobile marketing is often associated with SMS or MMS messages. Short messages remind of current promotions or inform of new items on offer. When using a mobile channel, it is extremely important to stick to permission marketing rules, namely sending messages exclusively to people who have provided their phone number and opted in to receive information.
There are many faces of mobile marketing. Nowadays push notifications represent an important component of marketing campaigns. They can be displayed both in applications and on websites. A mobile channel is certainly the future of quick and efficient communication with consumers. We should remember to have short messages target specific groups by means of skilful segmentation.
Messenger is also a fantastic place for performing effective marketing campaigns. It can complement SMS campaigns or push notifications. Hundreds of thousands of people use Messenger every day, which definitely facilitates building an immense base of recipients and gives possibility of precise targeting.
We cannot forget about Google Ads which allow for displaying a marketing message to users of mobile devices. A target group can be narrowed down even to user’s specific interests or demographic features. Mobile marketing also works in the Google Display Network (GDN). It allows for ad placement in mobile apps. When creating a campaign, we should pay special attention to analysis of potential customers’ behaviour and targeting at a relevant application category.

How to use the mobile marketing potential?

We do not need to convince anyone that brands getting with the times and offering modern forms of communication are better recognised by consumers. Customers have their requirements and expectations which mobile marketing is able to fulfil. What matters is primarily customised message, quick action and obviously benefits for clients. Some say that e.g. push notifications are successors of email marketing. That is not entirely true, since all tools can represent a synergic merger giving best effects. It is crucial to get to know one’s recipients and provide them with what they expect.

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