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Sending Notifications

Creating a delivery

Press on “Deliveries manager” one the left side panel, then on the option “create delivery”

First of all, we can decide to whom do we want to send each notification.

We can, for example by choosing just mobile devices or a specific segment of subscribers (please note that this requires an activated user tagging service).

An additional possiblity is limiting the dispatch to subscribers who signed up for notifications between specific dates.

Depending on the language of our users, we can create more than one subtype of message, so that the notification appears in the preferred language (option “add new language”).

Here we have the most important information for a dispatch: the title, content and URL adress.

Title: Has to be short, direct.

Content: Depending on the context, it can contain needed information or serve as an incitement to click.

URL address: It’s not visible to users until they click on the notification after which the user is taken to the set website address (we can also easily add UTM codes).

The notification’s icon will be automatically added. This will be the graphic, which we have in our general settings. It can be changed, of course, remembering the recommended dimensions of 300×300.

For Chrome users we can set up a special large image that will appear with our notification. It is very important that it’s dimensions are precisely 300×200, then it will appear correctly.

The next two options allow us to set when the notification dispatch should be stopped and when exactly should the notification be sent out. If we don’t make use of these options then the notification will be sent out  immediately for the next month to all current subscribers.

The last option, again concerning Chrome users, allows us to set up to two special action buttons for our notification. Each can have a different icon and lead to a separate URL address.

A prepared notification can be previewed, which means that we can see it as it will appear to our subscribers. More than that, we can save this message as a draft, so that we can come back to it at a later time.

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