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Include a push campaign in your media plan!

By organising an advertising campaign, one can reach a wide range of potentially interested audiences. However, first all activities must be planned. At the heart of every campaign lies a good media plan, which is a sort of scheme including certain tools and media. How to use push notifications in marketing campaigns and why is it worth it?

Set campaign goals

A media plan determines selected for the marketing campaign advertising means, media and information about the place of broadcast, the date of commencement of advertising activities, costs and campaign assumptions. It covers all aspects related to the organisation of advertising and marketing campaigns involving selected media. The first step to implementing an advertising campaign is setting general and specific goals. When launching new products or services on the market, the key goal is to build awareness and create brand image. However, the main goal of the brand already existing in customers’ minds is to increase sales. Subsequent stages of constructing a media plan depend on the goals set.

Set a target group

Selecting a target group is the first step to creating an effective marketing campaign. When knowing who the recipients are, it is possible to determine which media should be used to reach them. Segmentation of the customer base is another extremely important process that will allow to select customers interested in given products or services. The key is to divide the base into smaller segments (microsegments), which will allow for tailoring an offer fully customised to the recipients.

Quite popular segmentation criteria include geographic data collected based on users’ locations, and demographic data that specify gender, age, education, and earnings of consumers. In the case of push notifications, appropriate tags are assigned to recipients – when creating a campaign, it is possible to easily choose the group which the offer is to be directed to.

The data obtained from the campaigns carried out so far are extremely valuable. On their basis it is possible to draw conclusions, find out what errors to avoid, which channels of communication with recipients were the most effective. Owing to historical data, it is possible to draw accurate conclusions about the target group – customer needs may change, so it is worth checking and modifying the established segments. Based on the previous campaigns implemented with push notifications, it can be deduced which messages had best conversion rates and change the content accordingly.

Choose marketing tools

A media plan should include tools for communication with recipients. Their choice depends on the nature of one’s business. Push notifications work in almost every industry – after all, communication with recipients is the basis of every enterprise. When preparing a media plan, one should first set formats of push notifications, e.g. text alone or enriched with graphics (rich push), and then the time and frequency of sending them. One of the possibilities offered by push notifications is communication with subscribers in real time – real time marketing is one of the very beneficial activities. Despite appearances, RTM can be planned in advance and included in the media plan.

Push notifications are one of the most effective tools for communication with recipients. Not only do they generate website traffic and increase sales, but also build a positive brand image. However, to make them effective, one should carefully analyse the campaign’s goals, target group, formats, and the message.

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