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How to affect customer experience with Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation not only automates marketing activities, but also helps build positive relationships with customers and engage inactive users. It is a long process that requires the development of action scenarios, a specific strategy, and selection of appropriate marketing tools. What are the possibilities of Marketing Automation? How to take care for Customer Experience?

Customer journey – the customer’s shopping journey

In order to meet the needs of customers and accurately respond to their expectations, first of all, it is necessary to find out how the recipient interacts with the brand. The customer journey, i.e. the scheme of the customer’s shopping journey through all points of contact with the brand, is one of the most important areas of business activity. Consumers are more and more demanding, so tempting them with low prices is not enough. First of all, one should take care of a comprehensive, positive Customer Experience with the brand that should deliver specific values.

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Contact points, or touchpoints, are places or situations where the recipient interacts with the brand. The recipient can be active when finalising a transaction, adding a review, completing a form on the website or signing in to the subscriber base, or passive when he or she sees an advertisement or receives a message. Points of contact segmented over time create a customer’s path-to-purchase. By analysing the touchpoints with the brand, we can see a coherent ecosystem that has a huge impact on the customer experience.

Marketing Automation – effective Customer Experience support

Customer Experience is the sum of all experiences and impressions of the recipient when interacting with the brand. In order to provide them with positive emotions and build good associations, it is necessary to take care of the brand image, which consists of communication and service throughout the sales process. How to automate all activities and make work more efficient? The answer is Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation is one of the most effective tools supporting customer experience. Thanks to automation, it is possible to integrate touchpoints with the brand, which will give a fresh look at recipients’ needs and help plan communication and all elements of the marketing campaign. The key to sales success is the appropriate base segmentation, and then message customisation. It is worth assigning subscribers tags, e.g. “engaged”, “inactive”, as well as attributing scoring points that will help identify the most engaged recipients, and then appropriately encourage them to buy.

How to create an extraordinary shopping experience?

Automation of marketing processes improves contact with users, which has a significant impact on Customer Experience. Efficient communication and quick response to the needs always evoke positive emotions. The combination of the Marketing Automation system with marketing tools (e.g. push notifications, emails, chat or text campaigns) allows for even more effective sales activities.

Experience is much more than just purchasing a product. These days customers want to be unique, having the sense of dedicated service. This is why customisation of messages and quick response to inquiries or problems are so important. What else does Customer Experience comprise? First of all, the layout and intuitiveness of the website, the way products are presented, good customer service, procedures adopted (e.g. a clear product return policy), nice contact with the company’s employees, customer support in crisis situations, trouble-free purchase, the possibility of creating a wishlist, easy and safe payments, the possibility of purchasing on a mobile device, a ‘thank you for your purchase’ discount, or aesthetic product packaging. All these inconspicuous elements have a huge impact on the overall experience of recipients who are becoming more and more demanding.

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