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Gather leads using web push notifications!

As an e-commerce business owner, you are certainly aware of the importance of acquiring new sales leads. If you are just starting your business or you want to get to know different ideas for their acquisition, you will find them in our article. 

Move first! 

What we mean by sales leads is people or companies that are interested in your offer or starting cooperation. To put it straightforward – a lead is a potential customer who has filled in a contact form, sent an inquiry regarding your offer or contacted your company by phone or email.  

If you do not want to wait for a potential customer to make a move, it is worth becoming acquainted with various marketing methods and activities within your website. These comprise among others:  

  • content marketing  
  • Google Ads  
  • social marketing  
  • benefiting from services of agencies specialising in collecting sales leads  
  • using the PushAd tool  

It is worth knowing that acquiring sales leads looks completely different in the B2B or B2C segments, which is confirmed by the findings of the following survey conducted by HubSpot in 2017:

Source: “Where Do Marketers Get Leads?”, HubSpot. Publication dated 03/06/2013 updated on 05/09/2017

How to gain sales leads?

When deciding on the way to obtain new sales leads, it is worth getting to know the most popular ones.

Company blog  

Before a user who visits your website becomes a potential customer, he or she wants to get acquainted with the offer. It is a good idea to create a “blog” section where you can publish content related to content marketing. In the content, add some unobtrusive banners and call-to-action buttons that will encourage conversion. 

Video marketing

Video and live broadcasts are admittedly the most time-consuming and expensive forms of content marketing. However, if you put in them the right elements that will allow customers to go to your website, offer or contact your customer service directly, this will increase the likelihood of getting new sales leads.

Email marketing  

Newsletters are recognized by B2B marketers as one of the most common ways to acquire sales leads. However, after the introduction of changes related to the GDPR, it is crucial to obtain email addresses legally. That is why it is so important to have subscription forms for the newsletter attractive enough for a potential customer to subscribe to them and not to get subsequent messages sent by you into the SPAM folder.

Web push notifications  

PushAd is an easy-to-use tool aimed at boosting sales. Web push notifications are short messages displayed via web browsers. Importantly, the tool is fully GDPR-friendly – messages are sent without collecting email addresses or phone numbers. It is enough for your website visitors to agree to receive notifications. By using PushAd, you can send messages to your subscribers encouraging them to benefit from a promotion or visit a given website.

Boost sales with lead generation and lead nurturing

Lead generation is the basis of marketers’ activities. Unfortunately, the aforementioned GDPR restrictions do not make this task easier. For this reason, it is worth supporting one’s marketing activities with modern technological solutions. These include web push notifications that give the opportunity to generate a fixed number of leads with no need to collect personal data. The PushAd tool allows for effective engagement of audiences that voluntarily sign up for a subscriber base. In addition, AdBlock will no longer be a problem, since web push notifications are resistant to ad blocking mechanisms.

With PushAd’s automated communication scenarios, you can easily improve your conversion rate and turn your audience into satisfied customers. Web push notifications are one of the tools that make up marketing automation. It will give you the opportunity to generate new leads and expand the group of users. However, you should first get additional information about your audience, such as age, gender, interests, needs, expectations, lifestyle, or shopping preferences. In addition, by monitoring customers’ behaviour on the website on an ongoing basis, you will be able to respond to their interests in real time.

Lead generation, or building an audience base, is the very beginning. To increase the conversion rate, it is necessary to set a strategy at every stage of the sales funnel. Lead nurturing is the process designed to get the recipient to enter into a transaction. It is focused on leads that are at the bottom of the sales funnel. A well-developed strategy allows for providing the potential customer with as much customised information as possible at each stage of the shopping path. It is worth sending valuable content according to the defined scenario, e.g. through web push notifications.

Source: “Where Do Marketers Get Leads?”, HubSpot. Publication dated 03/06/2013 updated on 05/09/2017

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