We support Web Push Notifications for Safari!

Up to 15.1% of Internet users in North America use Safari.
With PushAd you can send notifications to all of them.

Start building Safari users database!

Safari Web (Push) Notifications are clickable popups that you can send to customers (subscribers) in real time and they will be displayed on their computers or tablets even if they have left your website and closed the browser. PushAd enables sending push notifications to reattract to your website those users that have subscribed to receive notifications and use Safari. OS X Mavericks presented an effective tool enabling to engage users on the website. Now you can use PushAd and Apple Push Notifications Service in order to send notifications directly to the computers of your website's users. Notifications may include your logo or notification's content linking to the URL address specified by you.

How to start sending notifications to your users in Safari!

You don't need to integrate anything in order to send notifications. You don't need any programming knowledge either. We have a ready-made tool that you can launch in 5 minutes. It's extremely easy to start using PushAd on your website. We'll guide you through it step by step.

Copy and paste the PushAd code

After registering to PushAd, your will receive a unique code that you have to copy and paste into the HEAD section of your website. We automatically verify if it has been done correctly.

Attract subscribers

Once the code has been pasted, a banner encouraging your website's users to subscribe to receive notifications will be displayed. In order to do that they need to click just one button. It's that simple.

Send notifications

You can send real-time notifications to your customers. Notification popups link to a URL address specified by you. Yes, it really works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions regarding PushAd or tariff plans?
See responses to frequently asked questions given below. If you are not satisfied with them or you have additional questions, please contact us.

<span> 1/5.</span> What is the contractual period?

1/5. What is the contractual period?

We use a 30-day settlement period that begins upon charging the credit card. Payment is done at the beginning of each period. We also offer quarter-year and annual plans rewarded with a 10% and 15% discount. Such payment may be done through a traditional payment in advance for a given period.

<span> 2/5.</span> Can I change the tariff plan at any time?

2/5. Can I change the tariff plan at any time?

Yes. Our price policy is based on a monthly subscription fee. You can change the tariff plan for a cheaper or more expensive one at any time. In order to do that you should choose a new plan in your acounnt settings. The prices presented on the website are net prices and they depend on the subscription base size. VAT needs to be added to given prices. PushAd does not charge additional fees and there are no hidden costs such as fees for installation, training or changing the tariff plan.

<span> 3/5.</span> Do I have to sign a contract in order to be able to use PushAd?

3/5. Do I have to sign a contract in order to be able to use PushAd?

We do not require signing a contract. PushAd is a "pay as you go" service. The payments is done cyclically each 30 days. If you decide that you no longer want to use our application, your card will not be charged in the next settlement period.

<span> 4/5.</span> Is PushAd safe?

4/5. Is PushAd safe?

The safety of data gathered in PushAd is of crucial importance to us. This is why we use physical, procedural and technical safety measures in order to protect the integrity and safety of your data. We regularly create security backups so that the data do not get lost. Our server room has the SSAE 16 / SOC2 and ISO/IEC27001 safety certificates, firewalls and monitored access to the servers. We also cooperate with external auditors in terms of data and application safety.

<span> 5/5.</span> Is it possible to install PushAd on my own server?

5/5. Is it possible to install PushAd on my own server?

Installing PushAd on external servers is possible for individual tariff plans (Enterprise Prestige).

Send Push Notifications in Safari for free!