Customized marketing automation platform – conversion optimization using On-Site activities and Web Push

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Encourage, advise, and inform about special offers! All these owing to sending web push notifications in an easy way. Find out other benefits.

Solutions that will help you increase sales 

Triggers – what are your business benefits: 

By using triggers, you have more opportunities to promote your online store, and thus increase popularity of your brand. Automated sending of articles from an RSS feed or sending notifications about price reductions are good examples here. It is also possible to monitor: 

Triggers – what are your customer benefits:

Setting triggers is also very helpful for your customers. The “recovery of carts by means of dynamic product graphics” function or notifications about reduced price of the previously viewed product additionally encourages to visit your online store and place orders.  

Segmentation – what are your business benefits:

Owing to segmentation, you can send notifications to a selected location or type of browser. Especially when a promotional campaign is available e.g. in a selected city or province. This is a very helpful function also for brick-and-mortar showrooms connected to an online store. Thanks to push notification and possibility of sending messages to a specific location, you will encourage a customer who has placed an order via e-shop to visit a traditional store.

Segmentation – what are your customer benefits:

A customer receives only dedicated messages related to a promotion or new offer that may be of interest to them. He or she feels more associated with the brand and is more willing to visit the store website to find out more details. This is all thanks to the possibility of sending dedicated messages for a previously created segment. We are able to divide customers into segments by:

RSS – what are your business benefits:

You automatically send notifications to your subscriber base about a new entry on your blog or cyclical promotion. Owing to the above, you have an opportunity to contact customers regularly.

RSS – what are your customer benefits:

Customers regularly receive notifications that may be of interest to them. Therefore, they associate more with the brand and are more willing to visit the website where they become familiar with products offered by the store.

Mass campaigns – what are your business benefits:

You build brand awareness among your customers based on familiarisation articles, information on promotions or materials on product-related topics.

Mass campaigns – what are your customer benefits:

Notifications sent are universal, so customers themselves can decide if the content of a given notification is of interest to them. Intrigued, they will click on the notification, going to the landing page for details.