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Web push vs newsletter – pros and cons, a comparison

What are the advantages and drawbacks of push notifications and newsletters? Which tool is more effective when implementing advertising campaigns? Let us suggest!

Until recently, sending newsletters was one of the most popular methods of communication with recipients. However, there is an alternative to this communication channel on the horizon, namely a web push. This dangerous competitor does not sound the end of the email marketing era – it is its perfect complement. What are the pros and cons of both tools?

Newsletter and push advertising – similarities

Push notifications and newsletters have a similar function. First of all, they inform about currently available promotions and news, increase website traffic, generate sales, create a group of subscribers or build a company’s image. A common feature of both channels of communication with recipients is the fact that in order to receive notifications, they must give their consent in advance.

Newsletter and push advertising – differences

The main difference between a newsletter and push notifications is the way of signing up to subscriber base. For the former communication channel, the recipient usually has to go through the following path: enter an email address to which he or she wants to receive messages, click a CTA “sign up”, open an inbox, click an activation link, display and close a new window confirming the subscription. 

Push notifications are small rectangular pop-ups displayed in a browser window. A user must agree to receive messages by clicking the signup button. After joining the subscribers’ base, a welcome message or information about, for example, discounts and promotions for company’s products is displayed. The path the recipient must follow from the moment of subscription is shorter than for newsletters.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of newsletters?

Email marketing is a cheap and quick way to reach many subscribers at once. It offers solutions which make it possible to create complicated scenarios, on the basis of which further advertising campaigns are launched. However, if a message does not meet user’s expectations and preferences, there is a risk of unsubscribing from the list of subscribers. Perhaps everyone knows the weaknesses of this communication channel, which is obviously a crowded inbox. If a recipient receives a dozen or even several dozen newsletters, they can delete most of them, skip them or not be interested in their content. When creating email marketing campaigns, remember about an interesting creation and following the rules to ensure correct display of messages to recipients.

Advantages and drawbacks of push notifications

Push advertising campaigns, unlike newsletters, can be created in just a few minutes without any programming and marketing knowledge. All we have to do is to post a catchy slogan describing the product, a brief product description, distinctive graphics and a link to the landing page.

Push advertising campaigns are not affected by either ad-blockers or spam filters. It is enough for a recipient to have a browser enabled when push notifications are sent. Click-through statistics also favour push notifications. A CTR for campaigns based on web push notifications can reach up to 22%, so we are dealing with 10 times higher conversion than from other sources. Push advertising campaigns are becoming more and more popular – these small pop-ups appear in online stores, on information websites, and blogs.  

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