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How to successfully conduct marketing activities in a small business? Examples of using push messages

Push messages are an excellent marketing tool for small and expanding companies. Discover ways to increase sales to gain a competitive advantage!
Small businesses usually do not have a large advertising budget. However, thanks to easy access to modern advertising tools, it is possible to conduct very effective marketing activities and spend little money on that. What should you rely on when conducting marketing activities in a small business? Here are our suggestions!

Communication with potential customers

Push advertising has come to the fore in the world of online marketing. It is dedicated not only to large companies, but also small enterprises that are still building their market position. Creating a customer base is crucial for any business. In many cases it comes down to outbound sales, i.e. email marketing. However, a relatively cheap and innovative solution, namely push messages might help.
They can become both the main communication channel and complement other marketing activities, such as newsletters and text messages. The advantage of push advertising is primarily low unit cost of reaching a recipient, possibility of communicating in real time and high click-through rate.
Why is it worth building a subscriber base? It facilitates reaching a larger group of potential customers interested in products or services. Push messages are not the only very effective tool. Facebook, through Messenger, also offers many opportunities for communicating with recipients. Users prefer this type of communication because it is fast and easy to use. In turn, a company can easily respond to any doubts of potential customers and present its offer.

Content marketing – creating interesting content

Another equally low cost solution is content marketing, i.e. creating interesting content for recipients. Inbound marketing has nothing to do with intrusive advertising. It is users themselves that look for information of interest to them. It can be distributed using push messages, newsletters or social media. In the long run, inbound marketing can reduce the cost of acquiring customers who know what they need.
Inbound marketing means primarily articles, graphics, e-books, podcasts, reports or videos published online and reaching people looking for specific information and simultaneously getting to know the company’s products or services. Each company has certain resources that can be used to attract customers’ attention and turn them into loyal customers. Content marketing involves long-term activities that contribute to increasing the credibility and recognition of the brand, building the image, and thus the company development.

Push messages vs boosting sales

Do push notifications sell? Since they engage subscribers, increase brand recognition, they also support continuous sales. Abandoned carts are one of the biggest problems faced by e-sellers.
Potential customers choose a product they want to buy and suddenly change their mind. How to deal with this phenomenon? We can, among others, send a notification regarding a transaction that has not been completed, offering an additional benefit, such as free delivery or a discount for subsequent purchases. We can do it using an email or push notification. The latter is much more encouraging to click due to the sense of urgency. A small pop-up that appears at the bottom of the screen should contain primarily short information about the benefits for the customer and call to action.
Push notifications are one of the less expensive solutions that significantly help boost sales, build a subscriber base and communicate with customers.

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