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How to automate on-site work and increase website traffic?

Taking actions related to the website automation translates into its greater efficiency and generation of conversions. In order to increase traffic on the site, one should start with obtaining information about users and their behaviour. The marketing automation tool allows not only to identify potential customers, but also to provide them with customised content according to established rules.

Adjusting the content to selected users

Brands rarely target a single user segment. Activities are more complex and require individual as well as precise solutions. The same message addressed to all recipients will not be effective, so it is worth customising the content on the website to respond to users’ needs. Dynamic content on the website (texts, graphics, website layer, forms, or CTA buttons) is displayed to users who meet a given condition. All variable elements can support conversion – dynamic content ensures a better experience of a potential customer. The content is closer to them and corresponds to their shopping needs. The website can be based on the user location, their activities, displaying recommended products that they previously viewed, as well as showing other content for new and returning users. When using the website automation solutions, we must not only respond to the audience needs, but also customise the communication.

More personal communication

Push notifications are one of the most effective ways to extend communication with users in order to reach the widest possible audience. The strength of marketing automation and push notifications lies in reaching potential and current customers with the most customised message. In the case of push notifications, communication may be conducted with anonymous users who have opted in to receive notifications, generating new traffic on the website. Advanced web push analytics allows for evaluating the effectiveness of activities, which can be determined on the basis of displayed and clicked notifications.

Users expect efficient communication and a quick solution to their problem. The marketing automation tool allows for delivering transactional messages, i.e. automatic messages sent after a specific user’s action. These can include information on the completed transaction, expected delivery date, or shipment status. These are the most awaited messages, so they should be sent immediately after the action is performed.

Possible marketing automation scenarios

Web Push and Rich Web enable custom communication with current and potential customers, delivering targeted messages to a predetermined segment. The process of notifications sending should be automated according to specific rules. Scenarios can be based on increasing subscriber engagement through win-back campaigns. For example, if the user has not visited the website for the last 30 days, they can be sent a notification with information on the new offering.

Another scenario involves automated notifications designed to rescue the shopping cart. In such a case, a product message or information about a discount for the selected product should be sent. The marketing automation tool also allows for conducting remarketing activities. The system will send a message at a specified time following the last user session to remind them of recently viewed products. What else can be done to increase website traffic and encourage a potential customer to buy? It is worth sending custom messages that catch the recipient’s attention. These don’t have to be traditional notifications with a headline and text, but can also take the form of an image, gif, or video. The marketing automation tool makes it possible to redirect the subscriber to any website. This can also be a landing page containing some educational content or a video encouraging to perform a given action.

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