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Best Practice

Best Practice

As with every marketing tool, push notifications also have a set of best practices to follow if you want to improve effectiveness and refine communication with our site’s user:

  • Do not overwhelm your user with notifications – if you send too many then instead of attracting them, you will push them away and at some point, they may even revoke their subscription.
  • Make the content fit the medium – push notifications have to be direct, there is no place here for elongated texts, it needs to be to the point and attract clicks.
  • Make the medium fit the content – if your campaign concerns a specific region of the country then set the dispatch for those geo-ips, if the promotion of the product ends on a certain date that set your notification expiry for that time. All this should be possible in a good push tool.
  • Remember that it’s worthwhile for notifications to be sent out at certain times, no one likes to receive messages at 6 am and few people will pay attention to a dispatch on Saturday at 10 pm. It helps to set the time of sending for one that will be the most effective. Which brings us to…
  • Mind the statistics! Everything is important, from the CTR of singular dispatches to data about the whole project. What time are most displays? At what day of the week are most subscriptions made? This is all indispensable information which will allow you to talk to you customers even more effectively.

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