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AdPop – one tool, multiple opportunities

When running an online store, you surely deal with problems of carts abandoned by customers or unfinished transactions. Statistics demonstrate that more than 70% of transactions are abandoned at the stage of adding products to a cart. Get to know our tool that will help you boost sales and strengthen the position of your brand.  

Abandoned cart – no transaction  

You certainly know the scenario: a user visits your online store, clicks on particular categories, adds some products to a cart and after a while closes the page. Or they start to finalize the buying process, but meanwhile close the website. How to prevent it? How to find an easy way to encourage a customer to finish shopping?  

Let us introduce AdPop tools. These are multifunctional, easy-to-use tools that will help increase sales in your online store. The package comprises two tools: PopUp and Website Layer. How to use PopUp and what can Website Layer be used for? 

What is PopUp?  

This is a pop-up window displayed on a computer screen. Most often PopUps are invitations to sign up for newsletter or banners informing of current special offers. PopUp can be used to send e.g. a discount code or encourage to enter a particular subpage. It is worth emphasizing that PopUp cannot be blocked by AdBlock. 

Here are some examples of PopUp:  


How to create Pop-up? 

When configuring a pop-up, we can use an intuitive panel to define the layout and function of the sent design. In the panel choose the “AdPop” tab and then “Create a new pop-up”. Add a name, description and domain. Moreover, we can define:  

  • whether the Pop-Up is to be displayed on every subpage 
  • whether it is to be displayed only to users unsubscribed to web push notifications as part of the PushAd service or to all users 

Within the very field of Pop-up creation, we have an opportunity to insert:  

  • a short video  
  • a graphic file 
  • a table 
  • a link to the landing page where a user is taken by clicking the banner. 


Additionally, we can set extra options, such as:  

  • Pop-up location (a monitor is divided into 9 fields where a pop-up window may appear). 
  • sending it to selected types of devices (mobile/desktop)  
  • specifying the time taken before the Pop-up is to be displayed 


What is Website Layer? 

Website Layer is a slide-in window appearing on the side of the screen. It can be used as: 

  • a summary of products added to a cart or displaying other recommended products.  

This is also a perfect tool to: 

  • inform about current promotion on products viewed by a user, 
  • send a discount code 
  • someone is adding products to the cart? Owing to Website Layer you can send them a discount code or free delivery option.  
  • somebody’s subsequent purchases? Owing to a possibility of embedding HTML code, you can add a short survey.   

How to create Website Layer?  

In the panel choose the “AdPop” tab and then “Create a new pop-up”. Under the table to create Pop-ups/Layers, select the type, i.e. “Layer (slide in)”.  

Next add a name, description and domain. Moreover, we can:  

  • define the Web Layer location (the screen is divided into 6 fields where it may be situated). 
  • have it displayed only on selected types of devices (mobile/desktop)  
  • specify the time taken before the Web Layer is to be displayed 



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