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5 ways to support online sales

It is estimated that the first 10 seconds of user’s presence on a website is crucial for making a decision to stay or leave. Therefore, such aspects as website interface, intuitive navigation or encouraging communications are extremely important. In addition, all sales supporting tools that allow for monitoring users’ behaviour, offer tailoring and obviously making a potential customer interested are becoming indispensable. What are the main ways to support sales in online shops?

Content marketing – become an expert in your industry!

Content marketing allows to attract potential customers by means of valuable content on the website, as well as encouraging to contact and sell. As demonstrated by research, users become acquainted with a considerable part of marketing, sales and information materials outside working hours. The recipient interested in contents will eagerly come back to the website at a different, convenient time. This lets us conclude that more and more often we don’t navigate sequentially, but follow parallel routes, assessing and interacting with content distributors.
Indirect offer promotion, namely branded content, makes consumers acquainted with company values they may identify with. Undoubtedly, it can be stated that content marketing is one of the most effective methods used in online marketing.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction is a weapon used by stores competing for market positions. Consumers do not only expect the most attractive price, but also shopping comfort, high quality service and extra services.
Emotions very often run high in the case of dissatisfied customer who statistically will inform 11 other people of the event. It is also true that it’s much easier to encourage a client to use the offering than to keep their loyalty. Owing to satisfaction surveys we can determine customer satisfaction level, get to know the reasons of their disloyalty and on that basis introduce changes to the offering or service.

Customer experience

Currently consumers are prone to pay more for perfect experience with a given store. It is obvious that creating good customer experience translates into higher sales. Increasingly often aspects that do matter are not only attractive price, but also usability and satisfaction with the shopping process.
Creating customer experience is related to offering holistic values – emotional, functional, relational and sensual. How to ensure good customer experience? It is worth ensuring among others high quality marketing content, transparent purchasing process, before- and after-sales service, and brand reliability.

PushAd – an ideal solution for abandoned shopping carts!

PushAd notifications (web push notifications) in an online store are small windows with communications displayed on a computer or mobile device screen. They allow for showing a short message directed to recipients, encouraging e.g. to visit a website again, check current special offers or read an interesting article. The only thing we need to disable communications is consumer’s consent given by clicking a relevant button.
Some compare PushAd to a newsletter, but web push notifications bring more benefits – a consumer doesn’t have to confirm joining subscribers’ base, a store can access anonymous users, web push notifications are resistant to Adblock, and above all – they increase e-store traffic and remind of abandoned carts.

Marketing automation

According to research, a tremendous 77% of marketing automation users have noticed a conversion rate growth in their online store. By implementing marketing automation, it is possible to establish relevant customer segmentation, automate lead generation methods, build and implement sales funnels or introduce multichannel automation processes in various sales channels.
Owing to the above we gain a serious value that may surely affect sales growth. This way we will get to know e.g. who and how found an e-store, how to build user engagement, when to contact potential customer or how to support a user at any stage of the sales process.

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