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USP, namely unique selling point. What is it exactly about?

In the age of serious market competition, one should convince potential customers of the offer’s uniqueness. It is also possible when we sell a common and not very original product. However, it should be borne in mind that a distinguishing element, i.e. USP (unique selling point) needs to be established, indicated, and presented to customers. What is the unique selling point? How to stand out from competitors?

What is the unique selling proposition?

USP (unique selling point or unique selling proposition) is a factor that distinguishes a given product or service from those offered by competitors. It may refer to both product features or brand value, as well as aspects of an online store’s operations. The unique selling point is a sort of benefit that the customer receives along with the purchase. It can relate to the emotional sphere (emotional selling proposition), having a positive effect on the subconscious and arousing positive feelings. The emotional selling proposition can satisfy the need for a unique, prestigious product, giving a sense of exclusivity. Many brands promise to raise the standard of living by “selling” style, elegance, modernity, and confidence.

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However, in the case of popular market products, the unique selling proposition does not have to be very sophisticated. An apparent trifle can also have a positive impact on the recipient, e.g. 100% biodegradable packaging or a free return guaranteed. It is not necessary to tempt potential customers with a low price, but to provide added value that will affect a positive perception of the brand.

How to create the unique selling proposition?

Defining the unique selling proposition might be a difficult task. In the case of common products, there are surely big shoes to fill. That is why it is so important to analyse the target group, determine the audience motivation, reflect on their needs, and identify intangible elements that may have an impact on a potential customer’s purchasing decision. For this purpose, one needs to create a buyer persona, i.e. the profile of an ideal customer, marked by specific habits or values.

First of all, it is crucial to understand the audience needs, the primary motivation to look for a product, get to know the result that the customer wants to achieve, as well as the obstacles that prevent them from buying. The unique selling point refers precisely to customers’ values, expectations, and needs. It can be used both in the form of advertising slogans on the website, landing pages, as well as through Google advertising, newsletters, or push notifications. There are really many possibilities of showing the USP.

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Examples of Unique Selling Proposition

USP can be used by virtually all online stores, offering free delivery or return, freebies, a discount on the first purchase or shipping within 24 hours. Zalando is one of the most popular platforms famous for favourable purchase conditions. It offers an extended return time of up to 100 days, as well as free delivery and return. How can brands stand out by influencing the emotional sphere of the recipient? Examples to be mentioned here include Apart with its slogan “Z miłości do piękna” (English: “Out of the love of beauty”), Lidl “Więcej na radość z życia” (English: “More for the joy of life”), or Tymbark drinks with famous slogans under the bottle caps.

Finding the brand’s USP means focusing on its distinguishing features that make it recognisable. However, it should be remembered that the unique selling proposition must be an integral part of the marketing strategy and also be well-founded.

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