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PushAd at Wolves Summit (Warsaw, 10th October 2017)

In just a short while – on the 10th October – we will be present at Wolves Summit, one of the biggest
tech conferences in Europe. We are one of the 200 selected start ups who have been invited to
participate. We will present our innovative push sending solution there. Wolves Summit is not just
debates, workshops and lectures of the foremost experts in the world. It is above all a place, where
technology meets marketing, sales and the biggest investors. One of the main aims of Wolves Summit
is to create an environment which will help foster an effective network of business contacts.
The forthcoming, sixth already, edition of the conference especially emphasises cooperation in the
Central-Eastern Europe region.
An invitation to Wolves Summit is evidence to us that the solution created by us – PushAd – is gaining
more and more popularity.
The Wolves Summit conference will take place between the 10th and 11th of October 2017 in Warsaw. The
Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Polish Development Fund are the honorary patrons of the event.

Let’s meet at Wolves Summit!

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