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Online business – digital experience optimisation at this time of pandemic

The year 2021 forces entrepreneurs to significantly change the way of running their businesses. Pandemic-induced constraints leave no choice – to stay in the market businesses need to move online. What other priorities should entrepreneurs follow?

Online business as a requirement of the times

For several years, we have been observing a dynamic increase in the interest in digital media by traditional business brands. However, 2021 is unique in this respect – among factors determining the change in priorities there is one more aspect, namely a very unfavourable situation of many entrepreneurs resulting from the pandemic. Traditional companies create websites enabling convenient shopping, while restaurants start collaboration with mobile applications and online platforms offering food delivery. In the case of the e-commerce sector, one should focus on both emotional and technical aspects. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by the entirety of impressions experienced by a user when using the website, application or online store – including an attractive interface, usability, pleasant design, appropriate information architecture, or valuable content. How to take care of these aspects?

Consumer experiences more important than ever before

In order to provide customer experience at an equal or higher level, they should be offered more personalised and engaging interactions. Brands should provide consumers with maximum satisfaction by improving communication at all touchpoints between the audience and the brand. Moving businesses to the online space is a long-term investment that currently requires creative and innovative solutions. First of all, it is worth focusing on new technologies – brands that keep up with the times have a better chance of gaining a competitive advantage. Currently, the priority for some enterprises is simply to stay in the market, avoiding large financial outlays. Therefore, it is worth fully engaging in marketing and sales activities that do not generate large costs. The basic things include, of course, good customer service, personalised advertising message, or creative viral activities. It is worth using a marketing automation tool that allows for more customised communication, focused on meeting the purchasing needs of the audience.

Synergy effect in the enterprise

The company’s success consists not only of actions taken by the marketing department, but also appropriate customer service, intuitive website, and well-planned sales activities. All departments have one goal, i.e. the proper response to consumers’ needs, and thus increasing sales. The synergy effect is the basis of an effective marketing strategy – it allows for combining organisational resources, effective use of new technologies, and budget optimisation. All the actions taken should be as consistent as possible, considering the needs, expectations, and behaviour of the audience. By reaching the client through many integrated channels, we are able to run effective marketing. It is worth using tools that will complement each other and allow for automating the processes, e.g. push notifications, email marketing, and SMS campaigns.

Regardless of the strategy, the key is to know your audience and use the collected information skillfully. Such possibilities are offered by a marketing automation tool – thanks to automation, we can estimate the value of each potential customer, effectively segment the contact base, send customised messages, build an ideal customer profile or twin profiles to search for other leads. When planning marketing campaigns, first of all some attention should be paid to the complexity and synergy of activities, adapting them to the expectations of the modern consumer. The marketing automation tool allows not only to carry out effective advertising campaigns, but also to act in accordance with the audience expectations.

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