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Differences between e-commerce and website promotion – things to know

How to promote an online store and how a website? Do all activities produce tangible effects? Check it out!

One of the basic tasks at every new company is developing a strategy to promote its own brand. Whether we are promoting an information web page or an online shop, it’s worth planning suitable promotional actions.

How to promote an online store?

A good idea for an online store is just the beginning of the adventure with e-commerce. Just placing goods on virtual shelves won’t do anything. An online shop needs to be skilfully promoted. Obviously at the initial stage one should think through the offering and take into consideration financial means at one’s disposal. The channels that we’re going to use depends on the target group – hence we need to determine age, gender, interests and social status of our addressees.

  • Google Ads

Google advertisements have an undeniable advantage – we pay only for the effect, namely a real click on the ad. In order not to make it reach accidental persons, it is crucial to determine user’s needs and select relevant terms.

  • Price comparison sites

Price comparison sites are an effective way to promote an online store, if we are able to offer a relatively low price compared with competitors. The correlation is simple – the lower the price, the better position in search results.

  • Sales via online auctions

Allegro is still one of the shopping locations most frequently selected by internet users. This is a great opportunity to present ones’ products, particularly for new businesses. It should not be forgotten that sales via auction platforms involve relatively high commissions.

  • Email marketing

The principle of mailing campaigns is building a good subscribers’ base. This is a labour-intensive process; hence, it is worth encouraging a user to subscribe to a newsletter at the very beginning. Nobody likes spam; therefore, messages should be precise, encouraging and presented in an interesting way.

Push advertising is a perfect complementation or successor of traditional emails. Despite the fact that notifications are a relatively new manner of communication with customer, they are gaining increasing popularity. Not surprisingly – push advertising shows the highest conversion rate in the media, with an average CTR from delivered messages reaching more than 21%. Owing to notifications we can send CTA regarding a particular abandoned cart and offer a recipient e.g. a discount voucher.

  • Product feed

Building a campaign with a large number of products and their presentation in various publishers requires loads of work. Product feed optimises all the activities – it suffices to export it to a relevant format and make your products available on price comparison sites. Where else can the product feed be used? Chiefly in product advertising (Google PLA), dynamic product ads (Facebook), and online shopping malls (Amazon).

Website promotion

Most of the above listed tools may be used also to promote information websites. However, in this case it is worth focusing more on creating, promoting and distributing appealing and high-quality content.

  • Content marketing

Articles published on blogs or external platforms must be factual and interesting for a recipient. But that’s not all. Texts published on a website should be not only user-friendly, but also browser-friendly, hence they should contain properly selected key words, owing to which it will be much easier to find a given article online.

  • Positioning

Web page positioning does not bring such quick effects as Google Ads for example, but it is worth investing in the process. The most crucial factors affecting Google positioning is search engine optimisation, quality and length of content presented on the website, use of key terms, site usability (UX – user experience) or relevant website indexing.

  • Content distribution

Social media are a very important channel of content distribution. They may be used in various ways – placing an article link on a fan page, using paid tools to promote content or treat them as a channel for viral marketing. Moreover, it is worth paying attention to possibilities of content promotion by means of tutorials, videos or “how to”.

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