WebPush notifications are clickable notifications displayed on the screens of the devices of users who have visited your site.

Web push notifications have the highest level of CTR in the media

No more low CTRs generated by newsletters that often don’t reach your readers

Do you realize that as many as 3 out of 4 Poles receive up to 20 promotional emails every day? Only every second one is encouraged by them to make a purchase. What is more, as revealed in the report by Interaktywnie.com Email marketing and marketing automation, a tremendous 32% of mail users never open messages from the SPAM folder. However, there is a tool that has the highest CTR in the media and is much more effective.

Although the popularity of sending newsletters among marketers has significantly decreased in recent years, it is still one of the most popular ways to maintain communication with customers by most online stores. Perhaps, when running a website, you encourage recipients and potential customers to subscribe to the newsletter base as well. You probably get very discouraged by rather low CTR results.  

Regardless of the above-mentioned findings of the research published by Interaktywnie.com, the introduction of the GDPR has further enhanced the concerns and risks associated with email marketing. Sending mailings without all necessary consents regarding the processing of personal data for marketing purposes may be subject to a very high penalty.  

In the case of creating mailing communication for online stores, an important aspect also involves the analysis of potential customers’ behaviour on the website and some basic information included in the form attached e.g. to the newsletter. You often attach in the message discount codes, special offers or “deals lasting until the end of the day”. Many of these promotional campaigns consume a lot of your time without any guarantee of success and high CTRs. 

One click – higher CTR 

As an online store owner or publisher, you want to use exclusively tools that will increase the CTR in your newsletters or banners. It is completely understandable, this is why we offer you a tool in the form of PushAd and sending web push notifications. Based on our experience and performance of many tests, we have created an intuitive tool that allows you to achieve a CTR of up to 21.8%.

PushAd is a tool for creating and building your own base of your website users who want to be informed about products, novelties or promotional campaigns that you are currently running. This is all possible thanks to web push notifications – real-time, clickable pop-ups appearing on computer, tablet or phone screen of users who have signed up to your base. Importantly, your potential customer does not have to be on your site to receive a notification. They may not have an active browser at the given moment either and work, for example, in Excel or Word. A web push notification will be displayed on their computer as long as the browser is enabled. 

In addition to sending the very push notifications, you will have a chance to: 

  • send notifications without collecting user data such as email addresses or phone numbers,
  • segment your potential customers to create dedicated web push notifications for them, making the content of notifications dependent on specific products that the user viewed during previous visits,
  • create welcome messages for users who have signed up to your base,
  • set the exact time of sending web push notification – this will let you know what time contributes to the highest CTR,
  • track an increase in the number of subscribers,
  • create groups of subscribers with similar preferences and send web push notifications to them.

As you can see, we provide you with a tool enabling you to easily create web push notifications and communicate with both potential and existing recipients. In the user panel you can find a detailed table with current statistics on subscribers’ behaviour. This gives you a full overview of the results of notifications sent.  

Source: “Email marketing and marketing automation 2019 report”, Interaktywnie.com