Customized marketing automation platform – conversion optimization using On-Site activities and Web Push

AdPop – new on-site tool for increasing sales

AdPop is a new tool available on the PushAd beta platform. This means that we are still working on and developing it. Since we care about having it tested by real users, we currently make it available without any additional subscription fees.  

Only implementation and integration fees can apply. No subscription fees are valid until further notice, i.e. until the tool finishes the beta development stage. 

AdPop is a multifunctional tool aimed at increasing sales and engagement of website users by means of the following formats:

PopUp is a pop-up window that appears on the computer screen.

Most often, pop-ups appear as invitations to subscribe to a newsletter or as a banner informing about current promotions. AdPop PopUp functionality also allows for subscribing to web pushes from any configurable pop-up that can be freely displayed – in particular it is possible to detect exit intent and invite users to subscribe to web push notifications when they are leaving the site. This significantly increases a subscription conversion. 

Website Layer is a sliding window on the side of the screen. Thanks to the feed reading function, users can display in a transparent way their carts with the products added. Most often, we recommend AdPop Website Layer for recovering abandoned carts at the moment of exit intent, as well as inviting users to subscribe to web push notifications when they are leaving the site. 

Before using the AdPop tool, it is necessary to contact our support team in order to configure the development of appropriate services that must be tailored to the construction of your website. Works begin according to the agreed schedule. The task usually takes up to 24 hours.