Become our partner and let’s start making money together!

If you are a publisher, a consulting firm or a marketing agency, this program is dedicated to you.

Important information concerning the partner program

Affiliates and individual resellers

Affiliates are defined as webpage publishers. It does not matter if you are an individual or if you have your own firm, anyone can take part in our affiliate program.

For what and how much do we pay?
We pay $2 for every correct lead. A lead for us is a test account created by a potential client. The moment a client moves on to a payed plan, we pay a bonus of $40. We also have a second model of cooperation which is based on generated income. In this model, we pay you 17,5% out of all the invoices payed for by the clients who are assigned to you. If the income from your clients goes over $1200 monthly, we will increase your commission to 20%.

Clients are assigned to specific affiliates based on a special tracking code. To get a special code, dedicated to you, that will allow us to recognize your clients, you need to contact us at This way you will receive the necessary special link, marketing and promotional materials.

Value Added Resellers (VAR)

We want to invite all kinds of marketing agencies and middlemen who can include the PushAd tool in their offer. We especially cherish working together with SEO/SEM, Social Media, Public Relations, creative, implementation and technological agencies. Our experience tells us that PushAd can be the basis of value-added services that have anything to do with maintaining and cooperating push notification campaigns, analyzing traffic, increasing conversions and generating leads.

To VAR partners we offer very favorable financial terms starting at a 25% commission or kick back. It does not matter whether your clients pay directly to you or us. The commission will always end up on your account. Our coherent pricing policy, consistent for all partners, and our pricing model ensure the same price for everyone in the market.

For what and how much do we pay?

VAR partners who offer PushAd receive up to 25% from net income generated and payed for by your clients. It is also possible to make payments through a VAR Partner, this way the funds will reach you by way of kick-backs. Additional income for VAR can come from earnings for services complimentary to PushAd such as conversion optimizing, increasing and enhancing quality of traffic, or simply maintaining campaigns that rely on push notifications.

VAR partners can count on marketing and promotional materials, support in the sales process for important clients as well as PushAd training.

Accounts are settled on a monthly basis.

Clients are assigned to a particular VAR Partner on the basis of a special tracking system or a registration inquiry. To receive a special link, dedicated to your firm so that we can distinguish your clients, you need to contact us at This way you will receive your special link, marketing and promotional materials as well as your VAR contract.

In summary, in our program you get:

  • $2 per each lead
  • $40 commission from each paid plan
  • Revenue share starts from 17,5%, if your client starts to pay at least $1,500, then your comission will riste as well, to 20%