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Important functions and improvements implemented in PushAd

13 June 2017 r.    We have a grant from Microsoft BizSpark!


News hot off the press. Microsoft, through BizSpark, qualified us for their program which supports innovative and fast-growing start-ups. We have their backing in the form of the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and a grant for $25,000. It’s nice to hear, "Concentrate on developing your project. Don’t worry about infrastructure".

For us, it’s not only a commendation and the possibility to concentrate on business, it’s also access to vast knowledge about BD, processing methods and huge scalability and ease of hosting which means simple upkeep and development. This sets course for a new method of distributing PushAd, not only as SaaS, but also in the PaaS model under the Azure Services Platform.

Large thanks to everyone that contributed to this success.

Thank you!



25 May 2017 r.     Notification history



Notification history allows subscribers to view the push messages they have received from a website.
If someone loses track of a message, or won’t have time to read it at the time, nothing is lost! After clicking on the notification bell, a window with the notification history will open with all the messages sent to that subscriber. Those, which haven’t been opened yet, will be more visible, so that they attract more attention. These notifications retain their functionality, leading users to a previously set URL address. Every subscriber can also freely manage their messages, deleting for example those that they deem unnecessary.
Enabling notification history is voluntary, after turning on the bell on your site, you have the ability to activate this functionality.