Friendly way to use Push Notifications

We believe that an advanced tool may be friendly and simple in use. In PushAd we put a lot of effort in designing new, advanced functionalities always keeping in mind that the user has to be able to learn how to use them quickly.

Transparency and simplicity

While creating the application we paid particular attention to your comfort. PushAd is extremely easy to use, you can configure it on your own. You don't need help of a programmer or webmaster. You can do the following on your own:

  • Create banners encouraging users to subscribe.
  • Create messages that are sent to subscribers.
  • Group subscribers of similar interests.
  • Send messages, review their statistics and compare their effectiveness.

Notification wizard. Do it yourself.

While preparing notification delivery you immediately see how it looks like in all notification formats (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android).

  • Changing graphics for particular notifications.
  • Editing title and message content.
  • Target address with the option of hiding the tracking code.
  • Implementing UTM codes.

The most important information is easy to find

The most important information is always at hand. Number of subscribers, new subscribers, efficiency indicators for delivered notifications. From the general to the specific.

  • Data presentation on graphs.
  • Comparative analysis of all projects' results.
  • Possibility of exporting data to an Excel file (CSV).

PushAd - New Features

PushAd is a well proved and effective tool to build customers (subscribers) database and to send them push notifications.

Message wizard

Create notifications on your own with your logo, theme and content linking to any URL address.

Desktop and mobile browsers

Notifications are supported in Chrome, Firefox and Safari (coverage of 74.3% users).

Transparent dashboard

Review of campaign effectiveness, subscribers number and delivered messages.

PushAd push notification app

Regaining the abandoned carts

Send notifications with direct links to the abandoned carts or forms.

A/B tests

Test your ideas. Compare the efficiency of subscription notifications and banners.

Ready solution

Proved, effective and ready solution. Simple to launch.

Notifications on your users' computers, tablets and smartphones

We support all the most popular browsers with total coverage of 74,3% of Internet users.


Big Data Analysis

We provide advice on the most effective time ranges for sending notifications depending on your target subscribers group:

  • See when the clickability is at its highest point.
  • Compare the effectiveness of different campaigns.
  • Select the best time of messages delivery.

Copying messages and their redelivery

You can copy messages that has been already sent and resend them to the users who did not click on them or to all users:

  • Copy all messages and resend them.
  • Work on the basis of previously created resources.
  • Resend messages.

Delivery time management

Messages may be sent immediately or at the selected time. You may also easily send them cyclically.

  • Determine the delivery schedule.
  • Send messages cyclically.

Push Notifications are a hot issue

PushAd has been providing its technology in Poland only for several month. Despite such short time, our customers are very pleased with the cooperation effects. We build their advantage in the Internet together.


The map presents the gap between Poland and the USA where tens of millions of notifications are being sent each day.

Delivery statistics on notification charts

Each message is accompanied by the number of deliveries, clicks and the CTR level. On the graph you can see clicks distribution in time.

  • Easily compare messages effectiveness.
  • Verify CTR distribution in time.
    Identify the message through the graphics.

A/B tests

You can't decide on the type of message (photo or content) to be sent to your users? You may test the effectiveness of both patterns by sending them to a small group of users. Then, you may send the more effective one to the rest of subscribers (we call this A/B tests):

  • Analyse different notification versions effectiveness.
  • Send effective messages.
  • Intuition is OK, but we prefer hard data.

Gain more subscribers

We provide you with the advice on how to encourage your website's visitors to subscribe to receive notifications. Here you can find ready-made banners examples and formats along with the proposed content. You may obviously change it or implement your creations.

  • Use ready-made banners.
  • Make your own creations.
  • Test banners' efficiency.