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Where to begin a push notification journey?

Do you want to increase conversion rates for your marketing activities? Do you wonder if it’s worth implementing push notifications? Find out how popular foreign push notification networks work and how to use them in marketing campaigns. Push notification network – notifications to support marketing activities Popular foreign campaigns relying on push notification network are […]

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How to select a push notification service provider?

Are you planning to introduce a new channel for communication with your customers? Don’t you know what functionalities a push web provider should offer? Find out what to consider when starting cooperation with push notification companies. Push notification companies in the Polish market Foreign push notification companies have made this channel of customer communications a […]

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Push notifications in Android apps

An average smartphone user devotes around 2 hours to browsing applications. We can still see an upward trend in this respect – not only does the time become longer, but also the user downloads ever more apps. However, we should bear in mind that they often forget about them or delete them shortly after installing. […]

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How does mobile push notification work?

Research shows that an average daily time of using applications on a single smartphone was as much as 2 hours. This is a real smartphone revolution, considering also the fact that most of the online traffic comes from mobile. Push notifications additionally allow to increase user engagement, and moreover affect a decision on further use […]

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Four ways to use push notification advertising in e-commerce

Four ways how to use push notification advertising in e-commerce Almost 2/3 of consumers complain about excessive volume of information and communications unadjusted to their interests. This is particularly true of a very dynamic and competitive e-commerce industry. Advertising should be fully personalised and user-engaging. Therefore, new and effective technology solutions are developed, one of […]

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PushAd at Wolves Summit (Warsaw, 10th October 2017)

In just a short while – on the 10th October – we will be present at Wolves Summit, one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe. We are one of the 200 selected start ups who have been invited to participate. We will present our innovative push sending solution there. Wolves Summit is not just […]

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