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What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are instantaneously sent notices to a gathered group of subscribers, who have previously given consent. A notification is comprised of a title, text and an image. By itself it is also a link, meaning it sends the user to a previously set URL address when he or she clicks on it. The topic […]

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Push notifications in Android apps

An average smartphone user devotes around 2 hours to browsing applications. We can still see an upward trend in this respect – not only does the time become longer, but also the user downloads ever more apps. However, we should bear in mind that they often forget about them or delete them shortly after installing. […]

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How does mobile push notification work?

Research shows that an average daily time of using applications on a single smartphone was as much as 2 hours. This is a real smartphone revolution, considering also the fact that most of the online traffic comes from mobile. Push notifications additionally allow to increase user engagement, and moreover affect a decision on further use […]

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Mobile advertising – why is mobile so important in your marketing activities?

A typical smartphone user gazes on the screen 240 times a day on average. It is obvious that mobile advertising is one of the most effective channels of communication with customers. Nothing seems to stop the mobile revolution; therefore, marketers focus on this form of advertising, no longer perceiving it as a supplement to other […]

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Idea for business – PushAd integration with e-commerce platforms

An idea for own business is only the beginning. It seems that breaking through with one’s offer is a hard task in such a competitive market. Not necessarily. The truth is that e-stores that follow most recent trends and invest in modern communication channels have a greater chance to succeed. Web push is one of […]

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