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Statistics PushAd is not only a tool for sending, it’s also a service which gives us the ability to deeply analyze previous campaigns. After logging in to our account, the first thing which we will see is precisely the page with all the statistics of our project. Here we have all the most important data […]

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Sending Notifications

Creating a delivery Press on “Deliveries manager” one the left side panel, then on the option “create delivery” First of all, we can decide to whom do we want to send each notification. We can, for example by choosing just mobile devices or a specific segment of subscribers (please note that this requires an activated […]

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Project Settings

Project Settings Remember to set up an image in the “general” section of your project. This will be the default icon for every newly created dispatch and thus we suggest for it to be the logotype of your firm best adapted to the 300×300 resolution. Here you can also decide whether you want to display […]

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Subscription banner & Welcome notification

In the beginning, after a successful integration, the most important step is establishing what, where and how quickly will invite your users to become part of the subscriber base. This can be done in the “Subscription banners” tab of project settings. How quickly after opening your site do you want for a pop-up to appear […]

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First Steps & Integration

First Steps Logging in Setting up an account is very easy, all we need is your email, phone number and name of the company. An individual person can also set up an account! After your first log in, you will be taken to the project settings. Integration For pages that use the http solution, you just need […]

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