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Web push notifications are not blocked by AdBlock!

Do your customers block your ads on the Internet? It is pretty obvious that people who provide content on the web (social media, newspaper publishers or blog owners) make a living especially by selling their advertising space. As the Panoptykon foundation rightly noted in its report Tracking and profiling on the web dated 2019, advertisers’ […]

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Web push notifications have the highest level of CTR in the media

No more low CTRs generated by newsletters that often don’t reach your readers Do you realize that as many as 3 out of 4 Poles receive up to 20 promotional emails every day? Only every second one is encouraged by them to make a purchase. What is more, as revealed in the report by […]

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Gather leads using web push notifications!

As an e-commerce business owner, you are certainly aware of the importance of acquiring new sales leads. If you are just starting your business or you want to get to know different ideas for their acquisition, you will find them in our article.  Move first!  What we mean by sales leads is people or companies […]

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Consumer segmentation is key to a successful web push campaign!

Do you run an e-commerce company that offers a broad range of products and services? Do you know that various groups of customers have different expectations and this is not only the matter of gender? Marketing automation activities will help you divide your recipients, e.g. by region of their residence, number of transactions concluded in […]

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GDPR – friendly web push notifications!

The GDPR, i.e. the EU General Data Protection Regulation, came into force on 25th May 2018. The GDPR applies to all companies and organisations run within the European Union. Along with the implementation of the regulation, a number of changes were introduced, which also affected marketing activities. One of the most important changes was the […]

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