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Why web push notifications do not reach my audience?

In order for users to receive push notifications from a website, they must opt in to join the subscriber base. However, sometimes despite the subscription, messages do not reach intended users. There are many reasons for that. Here are the most important ones. No permission from the notification centre Push notifications will not be displayed […]

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How to write a good anonymous case study?

A customer success story in which a given product or service played a crucial role is the best possible social proof. However, for various reasons, customers do not want to include the brand name in the case study. So, how to create an anonymous case study that will become a good company showcase? Why do […]

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What should a good website content audit be like?

An audit of the website content is one of the most important components of the content marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly control whether the texts are valuable to the audience, reliable, up-to-date, credible, and compliant with SEO principles. In order to conduct a good content audit, it is worth answering some key […]

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User segmentation in PushAd

A complete audience database is probably the most valuable collection of data for any company. Segmentation is one of the basic functions of marketing automation. It allows, among others, for targeting advertising messages, enabling their customisation, and thus – increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. What are the segmentation criteria and how to segment the […]

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How to achieve scalable growth with growth hacking and marketing automation?

Even small businesses with a tight budget can quickly see an increase in income and brand recognition. Marketing automation and growth hacking will help here. Why can both solutions be a straightforward path to the company’s success? What is growth hacking? Growth hacking has one goal, which is to generate the greatest possible growth for […]

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