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7 ways to create an advertising message that will earn more for your business

In order to create an interesting and above all effective advertising, you need to know the target audience and choose the right way to communicate. Consumer groups differ from each other, so messages need to be tailored individually, but there are several main principles to follow when preparing an advertising message. Here are some of […]

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marketing automation

Messages to target groups on multiple platforms with marketing automation

Is it possible to easily reach with an offer the people who are most interested in buying? Absolutely. The key to sales success is to guide the user through the entire purchasing process, ending in order completion, with everything happening automatically and generating a greater return on investment. Marketing automation is one of the most […]

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W czasie pandemii

How to develop a new sales pipeline during a pandemic?

The pandemic has significantly changed the e-commerce industry, redefining the approach to sales. For many companies, the online channel is the only chance to stay on the surface, which is associated with increased interest in online shopping. How to adapt the sales process to the current global situation and consumer needs? Take advantage of marketing […]

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Cykl pozyskiwania klientów

How to shorten the customer acquisition cycle with marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a revolution in the world of marketing. It provides enormous possibilities of data management and monitoring of audience behaviour at every stage of the sales funnel. Thanks to automation, creating and planning campaigns is much easier, while human work is limited. There are several effective ways to shorten the customer acquisition cycle […]

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Dobre relacje z klientem

Luck or strategy? 4 keys to profitable sales strategy

There is no selling without good customer relations. This is a basic rule that should be followed when we want to retain a customer for a longer period of time. Traders are “on the front line”; however, many factors and synergy of activities of all company departments contribute to an increase in sales. One of […]

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