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TTL marketing or how to effectively combine awareness campaigns with targeted advertising?

Today, despite the dynamic development of new technologies, radio and television advertising is still a powerful means of communication. However, new trends enforce a more precise and customised approach to consumers. How to use TTL for advertising campaigns? TTL marketing – a combination of individual and mass approach Companies have a range of different channels […]

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3 ways to accelerate growth with Marketing Automation

The market is changing dynamically; therefore, appropriate actions should be taken to maximise the growth with Marketing Automation. Skilful use of marketing automation systems allows you to save time, optimise the advertising budget, increase the level of conversion, and thus, increase sales profits. What actions should be taken to achieve the sales goals?     […]

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4 reasons why Marketing Automation does not work

Marketing Automation supports marketing and sales activities, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It allows for nurturing leads by improving the company’s sales processes. However, the effectiveness of Marketing Automation activities is based on understanding the needs and expectations of the target group and choosing the right strategy. Sometimes actions do not bring satisfactory results. […]

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When is it time to switch the Marketing Automation platform? 3 signs

Marketing Automation gives great opportunities, supporting both marketing and sales departments. This is a powerful tool that allows you to create advanced advertising campaigns and automate the most important sales processes. However, sometimes it turns out that Marketing Automation systems do not fulfil their purpose, limiting the possibility of creating effective marketing activities. When is […]

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8 myths about Marketing Automation

There are many myths regarding Marketing Automation tools. False information most frequently results from lack of knowledge on marketing automation, the role it plays in sales activities, or procedures following the tool implementation. What other myths are commonly repeated among marketers?     Marketing Automation is just for mass communication with the audience It is […]

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