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Drip marketing – what is it?

Drip marketing is an extremely effective way to reach the target group, performed in an automated way. How to create an effective campaign to get even closer to a recipient? Drip marketing is a relatively rare topic in the domestic advertising industry. It’s a pity, because it turns out to be a very effective way […]

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Real Time Marketing with the use of push notifications – how to do it? And how NOT to do it?

Real Time Marketing is full of possibilities, but one should know how to plan a campaign properly, so that it triggers the desired response. What should good RTM have? Creativity, reaction speed and knowledge of current trends are the three main characteristics of Real Time Marketing. It relies on situational humour, referring to current world […]

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From brand awareness to brand advocacy. What about a customer after sales?

An order completion is not the end of the purchasing process. Brands must take care of existing customers and seek their loyalty. What to do to establish a positive relationship with a customer? How to analyse brand awareness? Building brand awareness requires lots of commitment and creativity. Activities aimed at transforming a potential customer into […]

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Intention mining – how to check user intent by means of web push?

Users’ intentions can be examined and used in the marketing process. Knowing them allows for implementation of customised campaigns, which significantly affects sales results. Messages sent to recipients should be tailored to their interests and preferences. The success of web push campaigns is determined, among others, by message customisation and segmentation of the recipient base. […]

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Lead scoring or how to “fish” customers out by means of push notifications

Lead scoring is a very important element of marketing activities that increases chances of sales. Where does its effectiveness lie? How to select from a subscriber base the leads showing best conversion opportunities? Lead scoring is a method of assessing the value of leads in order to rank potential customers by their degree of engagement. […]

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