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Content diversification, i.e. a way to increase revenue?

One of the main advantages of content marketing is the ability to create and distribute content simultaneously in multiple channels. It does not have to be a single article, these can be supplementary materials in the form of graphics, infographics, videos, or reports. To keep your audience interested, it is important to provide them with […]

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4 ways to optimise your sales funnel

At the initial stage of the sales funnel, we collect leads using paid ads, search engines, social media, and other channels. The middle of the sales funnel is often neglected, especially if we want to quickly finalise the sale. However, without proper lead management, we may lose the chance to complete the transaction. How to […]

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What to write about on a company blog? Content types in content marketing

Content marketing is not just about improving your search engine rankings. It also aims to build a brand image as an expert in the industry, generate traffic on the website, or expand the customer base. However, the content should not only refer to the brand, but also cover a wider range of the target group […]

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What to outsource? 4 areas where startups cut costs

The startups’ activity relies on a full commitment to stimulating the company’s development. Additional business activities are necessary, but require lots of work and time. Therefore, small companies often choose to outsource marketing activities. What processes are worth outsourcing to specialised third parties to save time and money?     Marketing and advertising strategies In […]

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5 ways to build customer trust

It takes a long time to gain customer trust. More and more consumers are aware of the marketing techniques used by brands, so it is worth wisely developing a communication strategy with potential customers – instead of just offering, you should cooperate with them. How to gain audience trust and maintain their loyalty?     […]

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