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Cross-selling, up-selling and down-selling – three popular sales techniques

How to attract audiences and increase sales? Get to know simple sales techniques that are worth implementing in your marketing strategy! The competition never sleeps, testing new ways to reach potential customers. Instead of implementing high-budget activities, you can relatively quickly introduce simple and effective methods to attract recipients’ attention. We are obviously talking about […]

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How to successfully conduct marketing activities in a small business? Examples of using push messages

Push messages are an excellent marketing tool for small and expanding companies. Discover ways to increase sales to gain a competitive advantage! Small businesses usually do not have a large advertising budget. However, thanks to easy access to modern advertising tools, it is possible to conduct very effective marketing activities and spend little money on […]

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How often should push notifications be sent to maintain engagement?

Maintaining user engagement in e-commerce is a key to success in any company. When and how often to send push notifications to keep a customer? Push messages are a very effective marketing tool; however, when implementing campaigns, certain rules need to be followed. One of the most common mistakes made in relation to push advertising […]

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Web push vs newsletter – pros and cons, a comparison

What are the advantages and drawbacks of push notifications and newsletters? Which tool is more effective when implementing advertising campaigns? Let us suggest! Until recently, sending newsletters was one of the most popular methods of communication with recipients. However, there is an alternative to this communication channel on the horizon, namely a web push. This […]

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How to use push notifications in multiple channels to better understand user behaviour?

Thanks to push notifications, we can immediately respond to user behaviour. How to use notifications to obtain best results? Customers have unlimited access to product or service information. What is more, day by day they are becoming more aware and demanding. A key to success of any company is to get to know recipients’ behaviour […]

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