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Idea for business – PushAd integration with e-commerce platforms

An idea for own business is only the beginning. It seems that breaking through with one’s offer is a hard task in such a competitive market. Not necessarily. The truth is that e-stores that follow most recent trends and invest in modern communication channels have a greater chance to succeed. Web push is one of […]

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Four ways to use push notification advertising in e-commerce

Four ways how to use push notification advertising in e-commerce Almost 2/3 of consumers complain about excessive volume of information and communications unadjusted to their interests. This is particularly true of a very dynamic and competitive e-commerce industry. Advertising should be fully personalised and user-engaging. Therefore, new and effective technology solutions are developed, one of […]

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PushAd: We’re adding triggers and RSS support! [update]

In the PushAd client’s panel there are now new functionalities available for users with Premium or higher plans! For your convenience we have added an “Automation” tab which offers new, exciting possibilities!

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Facebook tests: Will Page posts disappear from the feed?

On the 21st of October there was quite a commotion. An article by a Slovakian journalist became a trade viral, in it, he described the extensive changes in how Facebook functions. Brands won’t be able to reach their fans for free? What’s true and what is unnecessary fear mongering?

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4 tools for increasing sales for ecommerce

Even with the possibility of reaching a huge audience with the help of relatively cheap ad space – in Poland as well as the whole world – an unchanging challenge is increasing the conversion rate above the investment return bar. There are no ideal models or strategies which will always sell, but there are tools […]

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