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Creative brief – how to make it so that both customer and agency are satisfied?

It might seem that it is very simple to prepare a brief, but in practice it can prove to be a difficult and bumpy road. The more complex the advertising campaign, the more comprehensive and detailed the brief should be. How to prepare it to make it work? What is a creative brief? To put […]

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Attribution, or how to understand data about one’s customers. What do touchpoints say about conversions?

To order to decide to purchase a product, a user most often performs more than one interaction in an online store. Attribution is a significant element that can contribute to an increase in online store conversions. Sometimes attribution models are not analysed by marketers, which is a big mistake that can affect campaign results. What […]

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What can be the role of personal branding in a brand’s marketing strategy?

Building a personal brand allows for creating an informed career path. This applies to both sole proprietorships and expert positions within an organization. How can personal branding create an employer’s brand? Why is it worth using personal branding in business? What is a personal brand? Personal brand focuses on building your own image as a […]

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USP, namely unique selling point. What is it exactly about?

In the age of serious market competition, one should convince potential customers of the offer’s uniqueness. It is also possible when we sell a common and not very original product. However, it should be borne in mind that a distinguishing element, i.e. USP (unique selling point) needs to be established, indicated, and presented to customers. […]

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Advertising message – what is it? Components and features of an effective advertising message

There is no single recipe for success in advertising, but there are several elements that can help getting closer to a set goal. One of them is a persuasive and creative advertising message. What else should it be marked by? How to create an effective advertising communication? What is the advertising message? The crucial components […]

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