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Online business – digital experience optimisation at this time of pandemic

The year 2021 forces entrepreneurs to significantly change the way of running their businesses. Pandemic-induced constraints leave no choice – to stay in the market businesses need to move online. What other priorities should entrepreneurs follow? Online business as a requirement of the times For several years, we have been observing a dynamic increase in […]

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User behaviour changes, i.e. new e-commerce challenges: (post)pandemic conclusions

At this time of pandemic, when traditional commerce is in crisis, online sales grow in strength. Due to lockdown, more and more companies are moving their business online, driving e-commerce traffic. How is user behaviour changing in online trading? Increase in the number of online stores Just a few months after the lockdown had been […]

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5 advantages of using marketing automation tools

Marketing automation is a relatively new technological solution, but in many companies it has come to the fore in marketing strategies, helping to achieve operational and strategic goals. It is not only based on process automation in an enterprise, but also allows for in-depth analysis of ongoing marketing campaigns. What are other benefits of implementing […]

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5 ways to obtain technology leads

Technological progress has changed the way of acquiring customers and engaging them in communication. One of the hot trends in the marketing world is marketing automation, which allows for generating leads and effective management of the audience base. What to do to obtain new leads?     Use targeted lead capture forms Online forms are […]

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What should the head of marketing know about marketing automation?

Companies are more and more often investing in technologies that increase employee productivity and company profitability. Marketing teams also expect businesses to implement automation tools that save not only time but also workload. Why else is marketing automation a good choice for managers? Automation enables personalised communication Marketing automation is not just about configuring emails […]

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