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Targeting – what is it about?

The more precisely you define your target group, the more effective your advertising campaigns will be. Even the most refined message will not fulfil its function if it’s displayed to wrong recipients, not interested in the given products or services. This is why it is so important to target the target group, which not only […]

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What can and should not be communicated in a push message? A copywriter’s guide

The content of push messages should not only be persuasive and attractive to a recipient. There are several other guidelines that will help you succeed when creating campaigns. What to include in a notification? Words have a huge potential, but how to convey all the meaning of the message and benefits in 150 characters? Creating […]

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How to affect customer experience with Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation not only automates marketing activities, but also helps build positive relationships with customers and engage inactive users. It is a long process that requires the development of action scenarios, a specific strategy, and selection of appropriate marketing tools. What are the possibilities of Marketing Automation? How to take care for Customer Experience? Customer […]

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How to achieve marketing goals with Marketing Automation tools?

One of the most important challenges faced by enterprises is building and maintaining good relationships with customers based on the reciprocity principles. In the age of tough competition in the e-commerce industry, keeping a loyal customer becomes increasingly difficult. Marketing Automation comes to the rescue, allowing for implementation of automated marketing campaigns. How to use […]

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7 practical examples of using Marketing Automation

Thanks to marketing automation, we don’t have to send the same messages to the entire recipient base. This is obviously the least effective and the most expensive strategy. It is worth discreetly accompanying users and providing assistance at every stage of the purchasing path. Marketing automation can be implemented using other channels for communication with […]

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