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Direct to consumer – face the customer using push notifications

Direct to consumer is a sales model dedicated primarily to young businesses. Find out what benefits D2C gives a brand, and why you should include it in your sales strategy. In the face of dynamic development of the e-commerce sector, direct to consumer is an opportunity for many companies to establish a direct relationship with […]

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Lead generation and lead nurturing – what do you need to know?

How to effectively acquire B2B and B2C clients and make them become regular customers? Learn what lead generation and lead nurturing are, and boost your sales! Leads can be obtained in many different ways, but to get the desired conversion rate, one needs to determine a consistent strategy at every stage of the sales funnel. […]

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Analysis of e-commerce data using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a huge source of knowledge of user behaviour. Available reports show, among others, which products sell best, the impact of discount codes on sales, at what stage of the shopping path users leave a store or what form of product list presentation is the most effective. By analysing data using Google Analytics, […]

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How to increase sales with new conversion channels?

How to increase the conversion and company’s profits? Find out new communication channels that will effectively increase sales in an online store. Conversion rate is a key concept that largely affects the success and effectiveness of an online shop. Constant testing and implementation of improved solutions are a key to success in e-commerce. How to […]

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What do you need to know about CLV (customer lifetime value)?

What is customer lifetime value? How to calculate the total revenue value for a potential customer? Find out practical tips and increase conversion! The effectiveness of an advertising campaign is not only determined by the profit from a single purchase, but also by acquisition of new customers. The goal of any online store should be […]

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