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How to develop a small business online? A guide (part 2)

There are many ways that can help you expand a small business and attract new customers. The online space provides a great potential, which gives almost limitless opportunities for promotion. Check out the second part of our guide on how to advertise a small business on the web using modern forms of promotion. Consider a […]

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How to develop a small business online? A guide

Customised advertising campaigns, a modern website, and good customer service are the basis of every business activity. However, it is worth delving deeper into the topic of brand promotion in order to reach customers and involve them in the company’s operations. Find out a handful of valuable tips that will help you expand your business. […]

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CRM vs Marketing Automation – a comparison

CRM and Marketing Automation systems are the most frequently chosen from among the whole range of available marketing tools. Both solutions allow for effective contact with the customer and building relationships. Although they are perfectly compatible with each other, there are significant differences between them. What is Marketing Automation and how can it expand your […]

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7 ways to create an advertising message that will earn more for your business

In order to create an interesting and above all effective advertising, you need to know the target audience and choose the right way to communicate. Consumer groups differ from each other, so messages need to be tailored individually, but there are several main principles to follow when preparing an advertising message. Here are some of […]

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Messages to target groups on multiple platforms with marketing automation

Is it possible to easily reach with an offer the people who are most interested in buying? Absolutely. The key to sales success is to guide the user through the entire purchasing process, ending in order completion, with everything happening automatically and generating a greater return on investment. Marketing automation is one of the most […]

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