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Geographic segmentation or how to build recipients’ groups based on local data

It is not possible to construct one set of universal criteria for all target groups. The reference market should be divided into separate segments having a common denominator. One of the criteria is market division into geographic units, i.e. countries, regions, cities, or districts. Owing to such segmentation, marketing activities can be even more effective, […]

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Behavioural segmentation or how to take advantage of user behaviour?

Segmentation is a process that aims to divide consumers into groups with specific characteristics and behaviours. Correctly performed segmentation allows for making better business decisions and reaching customers more effectively with one’s offer. How can segmentation encourage consumers to make a purchase and increase sales? What is behavioural segmentation? Each consumer group is a separate […]

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How to use push notifications and psychographic segmentation to maximise sales?

Segmentation allows for dividing the market in order to separate groups of consumers sharing similar characteristics. Due to diverse expectations, needs, and requirements, each customer segment constitutes a separate market. Appropriate segmentation enables to tailor the offer to consumer preferences and send customised messages. How to increase sales by means of psychographic segmentation and push […]

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Demographic segments – how to use them in a recipient base to increase the effectiveness of advertising message reach?

Market segmentation boils down to dividing specific customer groups into segments. In order to tailor marketing strategies to buyers, some common criteria must be found. Such activities are also intended to identify and exclude groups that will not be interested in products or services sold. This way, a company can save not only money, but […]

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User segmentation or how to match a recipient to your business?

Segmentation allows for targeting advertising activities at different audiences, taking into account demographic, psychographic, behavioural, and geographical criteria. These activities enable to create customised offers, achieve better conversion rates, engage recipients, and thus increase profits. How to segment users? How to collect data on recipients to create relevant segments? Microsegmentation and macrosegmentation Using several levels […]

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