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What are success determinants for e-business?

What to take into account when setting up own business? What is a key to business success? Find out what to consider to outperform the competition! At an initial stage of running business activity there is no need to incur considerable expenses. What is crucial here is innovative ideas, thinking outside the box, well-selected marketing […]

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How do push notifications work on mobile phones?

Are you planning a campaign with the use of push notifications? Find out how the notifications work on smartphones and reach your potential customers! Almost 80% of internet users browse websites on their smartphones, of which the largest share is controlled by Android devices. Considering statistics, a mobile channel represents a very effective means of […]

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How to add push notifications to your WordPress blog?

Web push notifications are an effective channel for communication with readers, owing to which they will not miss any important content. Find out how to add web push communications to your blog and why it is worth it. Push ads, i.e. push notifications displayed as small windows, are not a temporary trend. On the contrary, […]

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Push notifications – comparison of opportunities

Owing to web push notifications a user will not miss any important information. Find out what benefits you can get when creating push campaigns. Push notifications are a new channel of online marketing which has come to the fore in the Polish market. This gives huge opportunities for communication with recipients, which has a real […]

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Push notifications serving your business

Do you know that an average CTR from delivered messages amounts to more than 21%? Find out how to use push notifications in your business and boost sales. Web push notifications represent a relatively new online marketing channel which gives a possibility of real-time communication with recipients. It is dedicated not only to large companies, […]

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